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The most popular squareCircleZ math blog post in 2007

By Murray Bourne, 30 Dec 2007

Sol Lederman over at WildAboutMath issued a challenge: Math bloggers: What was your most popular post in 2007?

Now there are several issues raised with this task. What does "most popular post" mean? Some of the complications:

  • Does "popular" mean "most visited"? [Just because a post is visited by a browser, it doesn't mean the reader read all of the post - or any of it, for that matter. Most Web users are 'peckers' - 10 seconds and if it doesn't grab them, they are out of there.]
  • Therefore, does "popular" mean "spent most time on the post"? [If they spent a lot of time, it probably means they actually read it and possibly even read parts of it more than once.]
  • Does "popular" include a consideration of "loyalty"? [If all readers are 'one time only' visitors, the post could be popular due to good search engine optimisation.]
  • A lot of people use blog aggregators, blog email feeds, personal homepages (that include an aggregators), etc. Some (and possibly all) of these do not necessarily register as a 'hit' on the actual blog statistics.
  • Does "popular" mean "most commented"? [A post might be liked, but most readers may have nothing more to add.]

Anyway, I'll report on what I know. Here's what squareCircleZ looked like during 2007.

Most Visited

The posts which had the most visits during 2007 (some of these posts were written in 2006 but are still going strong):

Most Commented Posts

The posts which caused the most discussion were:

Longest Time

The dates where visitors stayed the longest on the site on average were (according to Google Analytics):

Of course, visitors could have been staying long on those days for some other post(s). It's interesting that each one is a Saturday.

Country of Visitor Origin

In order, the most visitors came from:

  • United States
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • China
  • Great Britain
  • Belgium

My Favourite Post for 2007

There's a recency effect here I guess, but this week's Friday Math Movie is by yours truly.

Check it out: It's an introduction to the concepts behind Trigonometric Graphs.

Happy New Year, everyone!

See the 1 Comment below.

One Comment on “The most popular squareCircleZ math blog post in 2007”

  1. vlorbik says:

    let me clarify:
    i *am* impressed by neven jurkovic's
    participation in the algebrator thread
    (but not enough to shame me into
    defending my kneejerk reaction --
    "the opposite of helpful" -- what can i say?
    all this computo stuff is hard to learn
    and *changes the subject* [and is expensive
    and soon outdated and ugly ...] ... nothing
    in particular against your particular product
    buddy ... just that it makes *my* job harder ...).

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Tips, tricks, lessons, and tutoring to help reduce test anxiety and move to the top of the class.