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Andreas Murray, a very good Website! I've rarely seen such good explanations and it helps me really teaching my pupils. Additionally I am handing out the link to your page to them (mostly refugees with a broken learning career). Kind regards Andreas
Valerie I am a 60 y/o RN trying to finish my BSN, and due to the horrible math programs I grew up with in CA have been on quite a journey to remediate from the beginning! A journey it has been with now 4 unit classes in this state and horrible programs. Currently I am enrolled in an online course through Westcott. I am making progress and will break through this barrier because of people like you that understand the problem and are good at teaching. Thank you for your service! You ARE making a difference. 😎
Marisol You do great service. IntMath is a helpful tool and the format is very straight forward. I wish we had tools like this when I was in school.
Francis Luvayo I find IntMath very resourceful. Your explanations are simple, clear and factual. They address most of the challenges learners face in understanding mathematics.
Ali Not only the concepts being interactive make them easier to understand through visualization, but how the concepts are explained through words and questions(and solutions) also make learning very effective, efficient and interesting.
Lucy Awesome! Thank you for sharing and explaining this well. It has helped prepare for my final.

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