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Differentiation of Transcendental Functions

In this Chapter

a. Differentiating Trigonometric Functions

b. Differentiating Logarithmic and Exponential Functions

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The Derivative, an introduction to differentiation, (for the newbies).

Integration, which is actually the opposite of differentiation.

Differential Equations, which are a different type of integration problem that involve differentiation as well.

See also the Introduction to Calculus, where there is a brief history of calculus.

Some definitions

transcendental adj. abstract; obscure; visionary

transcendental function n. a non-algebraic function.
Examples: `sin(x)`; `log(x)`; `arccos(x)`

Why study this...?

There are many technical and scientific applications of exponential (ex), logarithmic (`log x`) and trigonometric functions (`sin x`, `cos x`, etc).

In this chapter, we find formulas for the derivatives of such transcendental functions. We need to know the rate of change of the functions.

Rafiki, meditating on things transcendental...

We begin with the formulas for Derivatives of sine, cosine and tangent »


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