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How to Pick A Live Math Chat Tutoring Service

By Hugo Pegley, 10 Mar 2022

If you’re looking for a live math tutor, you are likely in need of some immediate help. Whether it’s a tough homework problem, preparation for a quiz, or a big test you’re taking, signing up for online math tutoring services can be a lifesaver helping you get a better grade in your math class. But not all math tutors are alike, and not all can give you immediate help when you need it most. To make sure you get the best results, it’s important to know what to look for in an online live math tutoring service.

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Picking A Live Math Chat Tutoring Service

We get it, you're tired from a long school day and tough mathematics courses, so if you want the TLDR; version, scroll to the bottom.


The first thing to think about is your needs. Do you have just a single math problem that you need help solving, struggling with math concepts, stuck on a whole section of math problems and need homework help, or are you looking for a tutor who can work with you for a long time as you move through math courses? Will a general math tutor work, or do you need a specialist in a certain field or area of mathematics or science that can help with complex mathematical concepts? Depending on the type of math support you need, the best math tutor option may vary for you.


Getting on-demand live math help can do amazing things to your grades, which also means that you will likely need to pay for it. Luckily, with the advent of online tutoring services, you will not need to pay hundreds of dollars for an in-person meeting with a math expert. Instead, you have access to a variety of different services which can offer you real time math help.

A math tutoring session will range from fairly inexpensive to extremely expensive for those with high-level professors and specialists. Generally, if you want to sign up to a math tutoring live chat service, you can expect to pay at least $20-$50 a month. That said, that often gets you access to as many questions as you need, and thus it can be a great investment to take your math skills to the next level!

Frequency and Use Case

Depending on your individual needs and budget, you need to determine how frequently you will use the math live chat service to answer your questions, and whether you simply want answers to problems or if you really want to learn the material deeply. Some services charge by the question, which can quickly get expensive if you want to cover a lot of topics. Others charge a subscription for access, but will have a higher up-front cost. Consider the frequency of your use and the types and amount of questions you will be asking.

Benefits of Live Math Chat Tutoring

Private tutors can be a great solution and a step up from free online courses, a study group, student tutors, or a math tutoring center. However, trying to find a tutor who can accommodate your schedule, budget, understands your learning style, and you work well with you, can be like finding a needle in a haystack. On top of that it can be hard to find a tutor that can cover every math topic and fit the learning style of the student's needs. Conversely, there are many benefits to using an online math tutoring service, all of which make it a more convenient and affordable option than a traditional in-person math tutor.

Convenience: Available 24/7

A private math tutor will meet you at your house, school, or coffee shop, and sit with you to work through math problems or assist with test preparation or study strategies. They might stink of coffee breath, show up late, or make you commute. However, with an online math tutoring chat service, you can get access to world-class mathematicians on your computer or phone from the comfort of your home, or anywhere in the world! This is extremely convenient, and because many live math chat tutoring services are 24/7, you can get help no matter if it’s noon or the middle of the night before a big exam.

More Affordable: Unlimited vs Hourly

IntMath Tutor Service Price Comparision

The average in-person math tutor costs about $52.50 an HOUR, and many can be even more expensive – that’s crazy! If you want to walk through a bunch of questions over several sessions, you can quickly find yourself spending hundreds of dollars a month. A live math chat tutoring service will usually cost only around $30 a MONTH, with unlimited access. This is a massive difference which will definitely make the difference to your pocketbook at the end of the month.

Get an Subject Matter Expert: On-demand Expertise

Unlike a private tutors, who might be one of only a few in your city or town, a live math chat tutoring service will have experts on every mathematical concept from all around the globe, with different specialties and capabilities. This means whether you're in, middle school, high school, college, or even graduate school, you’ll be able to get a quick and comprehensive response help with your math lessons from a subject matter expert for the entire school year.

On demand online math tutoring ensures you have a calculus tutor when you need one or an expert in physics or economics. Both Private tutors and on-demand virtual math tutors have years of experience teaching and are qualified and experienced mathematics tutors. With all this in mind, students can rest assured they will get the academic support they need outside the classroom setting.

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How to Find the Best Live Math On-Demand Chat Tutoring Service


Now that you’ve determined your needs, budget, and desired frequency for your live math chat tutoring service, you need to go find the perfect one which will fit all three and allow you to reach your full potential in math.

IntMath’s live math chat tutoring service is a great option for anyone looking for an affordable, but high-quality 24/7 math chat tutoring service. No matter the type or difficulty of question you have, IntMath’s expert math tutor will work with you immediately to answer it.

What’s even better, IntMath’s monthly subscription for 24/7, unlimited questions is only $34.99 a month, which costs less than 1 hour with a traditional math tutor!

No more worrying about exams, homework assignments, complex math course concepts. IntMath’s live chat math tutoring service is an amazing, affordable, and expert option for students who want peace of mind, less stress, and fast answers to unlimited questions 24/7!

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