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How to Choose a Math Tutor

By Kellie Tanner, 03 Feb 2022

Online Math Tutoring
Are you in need of mathematics support, or do you have a child who is experiencing difficulties with math skills? If so, choosing an effective math tutor might be a terrific option for overcoming these challenges. 

Why Students Need Extra Math Help 

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As a twenty-five-year educator who has served as a teacher, principal, and school system director, I am finding that many students are struggling immensely with the development of mathematical skills. I believe that many factors are contributing to the difficulties of establishing a solid mathematics curriculum in our schools. One of the most significant factors is that our country is facing an ongoing shortage of teachers, especially teachers of mathematics. Another contributing factor is the students in our country are suffering from increased learning losses which can be attributed to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

To excel and be competitive in the global economy, students must be educated in science, technology, engineering, and math. Mathematics is the foundation to producing scientists, technologists, engineers, and more productive citizens. Mathematical knowledge is an integral aspect in fostering creative and critical thinkers in all career fields, and mathematical skills are essential to understanding the contents of most school subjects. Ultimately, we must strive to assist our students in their math skills, so they will become productive citizens in the global economy. 

According to McKinsey & Company, one-on-one support for students is a proven catalyst for accelerated learning. Therefore, I would suggest that a math tutor would be an excellent option for anyone needing extra help and support with mathematical skills.  

Advantages of Using a Math Tutor

Research shared by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology explained the large impact tutoring programs may have on student learning. The research findings describe tutoring as one of the most impactful tools that can be used to improve student learning. Although we know tutoring is proven to be effective in accelerating learning, which type of tutoring is the best — online or offline? 

Online tutoring is definitely an excellent option, especially in today’s world which is constantly providing technological advancements. Besides, young people, as well as adults, are constantly using their technology devices. Therefore, when choosing the best tutoring option based on your strengths or the strengths of your child, most would concur that technology is definitely an immense strength. Online tutoring appears to be the best option for the students of today.

Online Tutoring -- The Most Valid Option

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Many reasons support why online tutoring soars above in-person tutoring. An article shared by the Family Online Safety Institute provides the following reasons why online tutoring is the most valid option. 

Online Tutoring is More Convenient

Convenience makes online tutoring a valid option. People are busy. Online tutoring services cater to those who experience extremely tight schedules. In-person tutoring requires scheduling appointments and driving to locations which can cause disruptions and add complexity to one’s day. Online tutors are there when you need them; they save you time. This allows the clients to use their time more effectively. Online tutors work around your schedule and needs, not theirs. 

On-demand math tutoring services offer quicker responses. This enables you or your child to receive help from an online tutor anytime or anywhere. Therefore, if you or your child need assistance with a math problem late at night or during the wee hours of the morning, help can always be found with an online tutoring service. 

Online tutors are also a great choice for those who live in rural settings. High-quality, in-person tutors may be difficult to find in a rural environment. However, you have a plethora of high-quality, tutor options when choosing to use an online tutoring service. This allows the client the ability to fully evaluate and choose the perfect tutor from a large pool instead of being limited to a few choices within the local area. 

Another important aspect of online tutoring is the comfort and privacy it offers to the client. The client can choose a learning environment that works best for their learning needs. This can also increase the client’s confidence and provide a sense of empowerment.

A Better Learning Experience is Provided with Online Tutors

In today’s world, students are accustomed to online learning and interactions which make online tutors a great fit. Online tutors are usually deemed more approachable and they tend to offer a more individualized learning experience while in-person tutors typically tutor more than one person at a time. Online tutors are also usually more advanced with technology skills, so they often use more innovative and technological learning measures. 

Online tutoring services allow clients to use modern technology to enhance learning and make it more interactive and dynamic. Drawings, diagrams, animations, and photos can be implemented to provide explanations of topics. Access to chat history and recordings can also be available if the client needs to go back and take a look at something to better understand and comprehend it. 

Online Tutors Offer a More Flexible Curriculum 

Online tutors usually offer a more flexible curriculum, and their tutoring sessions focus on assisting one client at a time. In-person tutoring is usually more structured and similar to private and public classroom settings. Since in-person tutoring is more formalized, there may be less of an opportunity for students to excel at their own pace. Online tutors operate in a more flexible manner which lets the client grow at an individualized pace. 

Online Tutoring is More Cost-Effective

Online tutoring services prove to be more cost-effective. In-person tutors must charge for instructional time, travel time, and physical learning materials and resources. Online tutors do not have to travel, and they use digital materials and resources. Therefore, this equates to savings that are passed to the client allowing the service to provide more competitive rates in comparison to in-person tutors. Online tutoring clients also save on fuel costs and travel time. 

Online Tutoring Offers Tech Skills Opportunities

The online tutoring option offers the opportunities and environment the client needs to excel in a career, and it contributes to the production of quality digital citizenship. 

The online tutoring clients will be able to expand their skills through online learning resources. The employees in today’s world communicate through video conferencing, virtual chats, and online collaboration tools. Online tutoring services provide opportunities, training, and experience for this type of corporate technological environment.

How Do I Choose the Best Online Tutoring Service?

Whether choosing an online or in-person tutor, you need to choose the perfect tutor for you or your child’s learning needs. Therefore, you must put in the time and effort to research the best option. 

Determine the Cost 

When searching for the perfect tutor, cost is an essential consideration for most people. With online tutoring services, the prices and pricing packages are available upfront. You are informed of policies and procedures ahead of time. This contributes to you making a more effective decision. It can be challenging to search for an in-person tutor. This process usually includes interviewing several people, making an abundant amount of phone calls, and negotiating prices. You can easily scroll through many online tutoring platforms to compare prices. 

Complete a Reference Check

Completing a background check is crucial to choosing the best online tutoring service. Verify the credentials and background history. You want to verify that it is a reputable and trustworthy service. It is always a great idea to read customer reviews as well. 

Know the Quality of the Tutors

Make sure you know who will be performing the tutoring services. You will want to verify their credentials, qualifications, and experience so you know you are receiving high-quality support. 

Understand What Services are Provided

Thoroughly view what services, procedures, and policies are available. Read everything on the website and see if you will be able to review your past tutoring sessions or be provided with a summary of your tutoring session. 

IntMath is an Excellent Online Tutoring Choice 

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We have established that online tutoring services are an effective choice for accelerating learning and providing support. They are convenient, provide a better learning experience, offer a more flexible curriculum, are more cost-effective, and provide tech skills opportunities. 

When choosing the perfect online tutoring service, you must determine the cost, complete a reference check, know the quality of the tutors, and understand what services are provided.

However, you do not have to look any further because IntMath’s live tutor chat service is an excellent choice! It meets all of the above-mentioned expectations and more. If your goal is to make better grades and develop a more thorough understanding of mathematics, then this is the best option for you or your child. With 23 years of tutoring service experience, IntMath will provide you with a highly-qualified math tutor. The tutors are available to help you immediately and provide you with clear, step-by-step explanations. 

Check out IntMath’s live tutor chat service today, and you will excel in math!

About the Author

Dr. Kellie Tanner is a 25-year educational leader. She has served as a middle school and high school English teacher, middle school principal, and district leader. She has an educational doctorate in Learning Organizations and Strategic Change from Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee.


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