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A Rare Fibonacci Day

Today is rather special. A day like today won't come around for almost another century. Today is rare and represents a β€œgolden” opportunity for those in the know. Have you guessed it?? Well since you clicked on the title you already know the spoiler... Today, 8-13-21, combines three adjacent numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence. The […]

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Math teacher’s solar vision

Solar powered steam engine, 1878
There were solar powered engines long before oil-based ones. Here's a story about French mathematics teacher Augustin Mouchot, who invented one.

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Prime numbered cicadas

The 17-year cicada is due to emerge in north-eastern parts of USA in Spring 2013.

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7 billion people next week

crowd scene
There will soon be 7 billion of us. How can the world sustain population growth on this scale? Do you know how many people there are in the world right now?

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Singapore’s food vulnerability

Today is World Food Day. Here's how one country plans to improve its precarious food situation.

Read the rest of this entry » data visualization -Data is a neat new data visualization tool. Worth a look, but it has some downsides.

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Blog Action Day 09 - Climate Change

There's only one realistic solution for climate change.

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H1N1 and the Logistic Equation

How do they predict the spread of viruses like the H1N1?

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Real World Math: Engaging Students through Global Issues

facing-the-futureHere's a "real-world" math program that gives students a reason for learning algebra — the future of our planet.

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Paper math

Here's some math about something we use every day - a piece of paper.

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