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svgPHPGrapher - a new math plotter

svgPHPGrapher is a new PHP-bassed svg math grapher.
svgPHPGrapher produces clean math graphs with no javascript, and all the processing happens on the server.

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Newton’s Method, accuracy and floating point numbers

Newton's Method computer number problems
YouTube engineers faced a problem as the number of views for Gangnam Style approached 2 billion. I found related issues when developing the Newton's Method graph.

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Newton’s Method interactive graph

Newton's Method interactive graph
I added a new interactive graph that helps explain how Newton's Method works. Newton's Method uses differentiation to solve non-linear equations and is especially useful when we can't factor the equation. It's very commonly used by computers when solving math-based problems.

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1000 blog posts. What’s next?

1000 articles
This blog has passed a key milestone - 1000 articles!

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500 billion words: visual stats give us cultural insights

men-women-comparisonHere's some interesting "real-life" visual statistics - especially good for those who love text more than math.

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Michael Jackson in numbers

Michael Jackson's death caused a surge of Internet traffic, bringing down some services.

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Bilingual Fridays

Why does an article on bilingualism in politics get most of its visitors on a Friday?

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Twitter - dramatic growth in (older) traffic

So you thought Twitter was just for kids? Think again.

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Kindle math

KindleThe Kindle and other electronic readers promise a green alternative to newsprint.

But how green are they really?

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Akamai - visualizing Web traffic data

Akamai Europe trafficHere's some interesting statistics about web traffic, attacks on the system and online music downloads.

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