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Math Homework Help: A Guide to the Best AI Math Solver of 2023

About a quarter of the average college student's courseload is general education requirements. While these are graduation requirements, they also are usually time-wasters. They're challenging and stressful... but luckily, help is available. If you're looking for quick math homework help, an online AI math solver can bring your grades up quickly and effectively. Read on to […]

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How to Pick A Live Math Chat Tutoring Service

If you’re looking for a live math tutor, you are likely in need of some immediate help. Whether it’s a tough homework problem, preparation for a quiz, or a big test you’re taking, signing up for online math tutoring services can be a lifesaver helping you get a better grade in your math class. But […]

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Dubai - History and Culture

Dubai - ArabicI visited Dubai for a few days recently. The culture is an interesting mix of East, West, traditional and money.

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Athens to Dubai

athens-to-dubai-apr08After spending a few days in Greece, I headed back to Singapore via Dubai.

The route taken by Emirates avoids the worst trouble spots in the Middle East. As the sun set, there were strange lights on the aircraft wing.

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AthensGreece had a large influence on Western thought and methods of governance. Here's some recollections from my recent visit to Athens.

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Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery, Singapore

This restored working monastery in Singapore is well worth a visit.

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Shirakawa - a top Japanese destination

Shirakawa village's 300 year-old thatched houses are well worth a visit, if you are looking for authentic Japan.

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Bilingualism in politics

The problems of the US in the Middle East are exacerbated by the lack of Arabic speakers in all levels of government. Perhaps they should look at how Singapore has ensure bilingualism in politics.

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My Singapore Decade

This week marks 10 years in Singapore. Here are some reminiscences.

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Lies, damned lies and Bush’s press cronies

PBS's Frontline provides an interesting glimpse into the way the press fell asleep at the wheel when Bush and friends tried to dupe the world.

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