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IntMath Newsletter: Putnam, review, Captive, cipher

12 Dec 2019 In this Newsletter: 0. Season's greetings 1. New on IntMath: Putnam 2. The year in review 3. Math movies: Captive 4. Math puzzle: Cipher 5. Final thought: Imagine 0. Season's greetings 'Tis the season for special days. If you celebrate any of these, enjoy. Festival 2019/20 date Notes Bodhi Day 8 Dec, […]

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IntMath Newsletter: Bubble sort, symbols, study skills, stress

In this Newsletter:

1. New on IntMath: Bubble sort rainbow
2. Resources
3. Math in the news
4. Math movies
5. Math puzzle
6. Final thought

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What’s the correct graph of sec(arccos(x))?

What is the graph of y = sec(arccos(x))?
Here we solve another graph mystery - what is the correct domain for y = sec(arccos(x))? And why do different software packages show similar, but different graphs?

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Geometric shapes in ancient rock art paintings

rock art
Ancient rock art may give clues to the origin of written symbols, including early math notation.

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The signs used in arithmetic

math symbolsWhere do our math symbols come from? Here's a short background on the common ones.

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MathJax - render math on the Web on all browsers

Render math with MathJaxHere's another method for getting math onto a Web page - MathJax.

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The equal sign - more trouble than it’s worth?

equalsThe equals sign causes a lot of grief. Should we replace it with more meaningful symbols?

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Summation notation

summation questionYousuf has trouble understanding a question involving summation notation. After some effort, he gets there!

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AthensGreece had a large influence on Western thought and methods of governance. Here's some recollections from my recent visit to Athens.

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Greek graffiti

Pi - rock graffitiGraffiti in Greece looks very mathematical - even rather nerdy in places.

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