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Reviewing Six Online Math Tutoring Services - What’s the Best?

By Hugo Pegley, 22 Jun 2022

Math is an exciting field of study that can lead to a variety of exciting careers or research projects. But if you're a student having difficulty with the topic, you might be thinking about enrolling in an online math tutoring program. 

This is a great way for you to get assistance in a format and schedule that works best for you. We've put together the top online math chat tutoring options so you or your child can get the help you need.

6. Skooli

Skooli provides professional tutoring on a wide range of topics. It covers everything from ancient history to architecture, civil engineering, and climatology. But the site mainly focuses on math tutoring, with areas like algebra, calculus, geometry, and statistics. Anyone from kindergarteners taking their first steps in learning to senior college students preparing for their final exams can benefit from tutoring with Skooli.

Skooli has licensed teachers throughout the country who can help kids with one-off arithmetic challenges. Tutors join in a digital classroom during immediate sessions, allowing students to share files, draw, and converse via speech or text. Students can rewatch the tutoring sessions at any time.

Before joining Skooli, all instructors must pass a criminal history check, so parents can rest a little easier. Skooli charges roughly $0.82 per minute for teaching time, with a minimum of 15 minutes every class. Skooli is a decent solution for students who just want occasional assistance and prefer straightforward pricing.


  • Tutors are available 24/7
  • Teaches a handful of subjects other than math
  • Serve all students from elementary to college


  • Has expensive rates for the quality of service it provides
  • It might be difficult to find tutors who have expertise in a specific area, especially at the high school and college levels
  • The site's management and features, such as the "ask a question" function, need improvement

5. Yup

Yup is a smartphone-optimized software that provides personalized tutoring with licensed instructors. Students can snap a photo of a math problem, answer a few brief questions, and begin a customized tutoring session in less than a minute. Students and teachers communicate in a safe environment via text, and tutors can comment on issues on a virtual whiteboard.

Students can use the app to access prior tutoring sessions to review or learn the subject. The Family Portal also allows parents to observe their children's sessions. This app-based solution might be ideal for students who rely on their cellphones for everything and do not want to participate in a video chat or an online classroom.

Yup is offered as an unlimited-access subscription since it provides on-demand tuition via a smartphone app. Prices start at $199 per month and go down somewhat if you pay for a year in advance.


  • Tutoring using a smartphone app gives even more flexibility to students
  • All prior sessions are available to students and parents
  • One price to access all the features available


  • There are no services for exam preparation or individualized learning plans
  • The cost per month is rather hefty
  • The app-based strategy may not suit everyone's learning style.

4. TutorMe

For on-demand instruction in several disciplines, TutorMe provides a choice of price options. Students who know they'll require a lot of time with their tutor might pay $26 per hour for eight hours a month. There are also two-hour and four-hour tutoring options available monthly. You can choose an on-demand package that costs $1 per minute if you just require assistance on occasion.

Students are paired with tutors for a free trial session through TutorMe. One-on-one tutoring takes place in a virtual classroom that includes screen sharing, text, voice, video chat, and a virtual whiteboard. Following the session, students and teachers can rate one another.

According to the firm, just 4% of candidates are chosen as tutors, ensuring that students have access to highly trained teachers. Tutoring for collegiate topics is also provided.


  • Easy-to-use platform
  • A 30-minute trial session for free
  • There are many subjects to choose from, not only math


  • Depending on the tutor children obtain, the quality of tutoring may differ
  • Package costs are not clear
  • The $26 hourly rate might be too expensive for some
  • The intensive virtual classroom setting can be overwhelming for some students

3. Chegg

Chegg's online platform gives students immediate assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Chegg provides users with access to its online platform for on-demand math instruction, rather than focusing on linking students with instructors and building tailored programs. Chegg provides math and other academic aid to students of all ages, from elementary school to college.

Chegg does not offer personalized study programs or tutor matching services, but it does deliver value. A monthly membership to the site is $15. This fee entitles you to up to five monthly step-by-step textbook answers. You'll also be able to ask up to 20 new questions every month and get access to over 25 million questions answered by professionals. In addition, the Chegg Study plan includes guided video explanations that help students envision how to solve the problem.

For an additional $10 each month, you can add on the Math Solver service. Students will have access to an online problem-solving service as a result of this. Write in a math problem or take a photo of it to get a full explanation of how to answer it.


  • On-demand assistance with homework, with tutor answers within an hour
  • Affordable rates in an a la carte format
  • There is always someone to help you with your schoolwork, regardless of the time


  • Customer service could use some work
  • There's no customized service or in-depth tutoring
  • Accounts are routinely "tagged," or suspended
  • Services aren't all included. There's a lot you have to pay extra for. 

2. The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review has risen to prominence in the tutoring business after being bought by, a well-established brand. Help with homework and exam preparation is now available through the site.

With the help of online tutors who are available at all times, there is also the possibility to you can submit questions online that you need help with. In addition, prospective students can take advantage of a free session offered by The Princeton Review. When you sign up, you choose between a subscription or one-time deals that give you access to tutoring for a few months.

Students in the sixth grade and up can receive private instruction. Tutoring costs about $40 for one hour, $80 for two hours, $115 for three hours, and $340 for ten hours. Instead of being assigned a tutor, students have to pick their own tutor. Potential customers can view tutor profiles online to help them decide which tutor they want to work with.

Students who attend tutoring two hours each month for at least three months consecutively have the choice to cancel at any time, and a money-back guarantee policy is in place.


  • Provides a study plan that is unique to you
  • Instructors who are experts in general test-taking methods, including ACT, are on hand
  • After a set number of tutoring hours, you can get your money back if you're somehow dissatisfied


  • Relatively expensive
  • The primary goal is to improve exam results, not necessarily to improve comprehension
  • Other similar services give certain useful tools that this course doesn't, such as a thorough performance report following each practice exam

1. IntMath

IntMath is a chat-based tutoring platform that aims to stimulate student interest in mathematics while teaching them important concepts. Our online tutoring service provides clear examples, links concepts to the "real world," and offers interactive applets that allow users to explore mathematical topics.

Every year, nearly 5 million students benefit from Interactive Mathematics' free courses, helping them improve their skills in algebra, advanced calculus, trigonometry, calculus, and more. Because of the platform's 24/7 online math tutoring service, students get math help whenever they need it.

Through IntMath's platform, an online math tutor is accessible at all times to provide students with rapid assistance. There's no need to wait until class, group study, or scheduled virtual office hours to get answers to your questions. Tutors from IntMath include actual professors, teachers, and educators who lead students through each problem step by step in the chat.

Students can experience an immediate improvement in their assignments and excel on their next exam. IntMath also has an edge in terms of price. With $35 per month, students can access all the site's perks, including unlimited questions, 24/7 tutor support, exam and homework help, and personalized learning.


  • Affordable, even on a college budget
  • Personalized learning
  • Immediate help with 24/7 tutor support
  • Tutoring is available via chat


  • The site doesn't offer tutoring in other subjects apart from maths and physics

Know What You Need in Online Tutoring

There is no single set of criteria an online tutoring service should follow.  There are many tutoring programs are available online, but not all math tutoring services are created equal. The most important thing is to make sure you or your student have access to high-quality tutoring when you need it most.

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