Fractal tattoos

By Murray Bourne, 28 Jan 2006

arm with mathematical tattoos, based on fractals.

How cool is this? Mathematical tattoos.

For the mathematics behind this, see fractals.

I might get one of these on my left nipple.

Juz kidding...

See the 4 Comments below.

4 Comments on “Fractal tattoos”

  1. josh perry says:

    im looking 4 a fractal tatoo artist willing to do work on my that is free canvas to get there name out....I live in missouri

  2. Jo Shaw says:

    I'm seeking a Tattoo Artist's, ((possible nightmare)) of a feat... A Fractal. If not is there any technology capable of rendering a Fractal Tattoo?

    Thank-you, from Onterrible, Canada.

  3. Murray says:

    Hi Jo. I don't know of any technology that will produce the tattoo. But if you need one for just the fractal, this works nicely:

  4. sharene says:

    i also would want to get a fractal tattoo. but i dunno how to know what's best for me

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