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Friday math movie: Mandelbox trip

By Murray Bourne, 24 Sep 2010

Fractals can produce fabulous art. Here's a 3-D world made from equations. And of course, fractals are used in this way to create many of the effects seen in science fiction movies.

There are several other fascinating related videos on YouTube, for example Fractal Zoom Mandelbrot Corner.

See how fractals arise from complex numbers.

See the 3 Comments below.

3 Comments on “Friday math movie: Mandelbox trip”

  1. Dudley says:

    These are inspiring, cheers! I'm going to look into making my own, awesome art-form!

  2. Kevin Barkley says:

    Watching this fractal movie leaves me felling incomplete!

  3. Murray says:

    @Kevin: I think I know what you mean. Maybe it's a function of the nature of fractals - that no matter how much we zoom in or out, we are really in the same place!

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