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IntMath Newsletter: Graph plotter, visual math

By Murray Bourne, 07 Jun 2011

7 Jun 2011

In this Newsletter:

1. Summer math brain drain
2. Resource - Graph plotter using JSXGraph
3. Poll results and new poll
4. Visual design for math teachers
5. Friday math movies
6. Resource - Teachers’ Domain
7. Final thought – ambitions

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1. Summer math brain drain

It's summer holidays in the northern hemisphere and sadly, many students get as far away from math as possible. This is a shame because their grade level drops significantly as a result - and math is even harder when school starts again. "Use it or lose it" is certainly relevant here.

Here are some thoughts on this issue, from the archive:

The summer math brain drain

Math of the Great Summer Brain Drain

2. Resource - Graph plotter using JSXGraph

Draw your own graph with this online graphing calculator.

This is a handy and user-friendly graph plotter which works in all major browsers and operating systems - even on smartphones!

Online graph plotter using JSXGraph

3. Poll results and new poll

Thanks to all who voted in the poll about stress. Here are the results.

Which of these stresses you the most?

Doing exams: 41%

Homework: 24%

Relationships: 18%

Being bullied: 9%

Teachers: 7%

Total votes: 3600

As the poll was conducted during exam time (for those in the northern hemisphere), it's not surprising "doing exams" was at the top. It's encouraging for teachers that they cause least stress out of this list!

Current poll: Your favorite subject?

There's a new poll which asks about your favorite subject at school. Vote on any page in

4. Visual design for math teachers

Suitable for: Teachers, but worthwhile for all of you. It's important to think about how to improve visual communication, especially when it comes to statistics.

This is an important 21st century skill.

Designing better visuals for math class

Diagrams should make things easier to understand, but often they don't. How can we fix this?

Visual design for math teachers

5. Friday math movies

Suitable for: Everyone

(a) Artfully visualizing our humanity

Artfully visualizing our humanity

This video is a great treatment of math for multiple intelligences - visual, musical and interpersonal.

Friday math movie: Artfully visualizing our humanity

(b) Bach Crab Canon

Bach's Crab Canon

Here's a very neat way to illustrate Bach's Crab Canon - using a Mobius strip.

Friday math movie: Bach Crab Canon

(c) World Metrology Day 2011


This video commemorates World Metrology Day, which was held on 20th May. Go metric and make your lives simpler!

Friday math movie: World Metrology Day 2011

6. Resource - Teachers’ Domain

Suitable for: Teachers


This is a place where teachers can download, share and save resources. Free registration.

Mathematics resources

7. Final thought – ambitions

Math anxiety is often the result of criticism by peers. Here is some good advice for such situations from Mark Twain.

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great. [Mark Twain]

Until next time, enjoy whatever you learn.

See the 2 Comments below.

2 Comments on “IntMath Newsletter: Graph plotter, visual math”

  1. Dusan Stosic says:

    Best regards,
    I am surprised.
    Program is exellent. I begin to work.
    You are genial, great programer.

  2. Murray says:

    @Dusan: Do you mean the JSXGraph plotter? I only wrote the front end - I've given credit to the developers of JSXGraph and mathjs.js at the bottom of the plotter page.

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