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Black toilet paper

By Murray Bourne, 10 Jun 2006

black toilet paper

Extraordinary concept, this black toilet paper from Renova. Yep, I would use it once for the novelty. However, I would probably feel the need for subsequent cleanliness quality control.

But I was pondering the other day... why is (white) toilet paper bleached? Does it really matter if it is greyish (which I imagine would be the natural colour of recycled paper)? If grey TP offends people, why not put pretty images on it?

Bleach is terrible for the environment and definitely shouldn't be used for humble toilet paper. C'mon, what were we thinking?

Sure, I know some TP is recycled and I know some of it is bleached using methods other than chlorine bleach. But surely, world-wide, TP should be made from recycled paper and unbleached.

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