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Dancing Honeybee Using Vector Calculus to Communicate

By Murray Bourne, 04 Jan 2008

This week's movie shows how honeybees communicate the distance and direction of a food source to their nestmates.

Actually, this involves "vectors" more than "calculus", but it's kind of cool how it works.

There's an issue with gender in this movie. Forager bees are females, not males.

See the 3 Comments below.

3 Comments on “Dancing Honeybee Using Vector Calculus to Communicate”

  1. Steven says:

    It's a shame they don't explain better about how the distance to the flowers is communicated.

    But it was an interesting movie.

  2. Darmok says:

    That's remarkable!

  3. Jack Gonciarczyk says:

    wow! that was very fun to watch!

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