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Want a job? Learn math

By Murray Bourne, 20 Nov 2007

The article Want a job tomorrow? Learn math [no longer available] is originally from the Economist and discussed in the Maryland Gazette.

Maryland is interested in this topic because there is an acute shortage of math and science graduates in that state.

But Maryland, which is becoming the epicenter for the security industry, is in a particular bind because the tens of thousands of jobs settling at its military bases are exacerbating the need for these types of employees.

Unfortunately for the state, not enough of its young students are interested in the STEM training - science, technology, engineering and math - these types of jobs require

To me, it is sad that one of the big thrusts for science and technology throughout the ages has been for bigger, more deadly weapons and methods to keep the other guys out. Why can't we put all that intellectual effort towards cleaning up the mess we have made of this planet?

Oh yeah, I forget - there is not an immediate benefit in that...

Footnote: The article also talks about the need for Americans to learn language, culture and geography (of places outside the US):

There should be more emphasis on Chinese, Arabic, Korean and Farsi, languages that are now integral to international affairs. Also, students should be more aware of the geography, culture, politics and affairs of the places where these languages are spoken, [Dr. Basu, president and CEO of the Sage Policy Group] said.

I couldn't agree more.

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