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Greek fonts in LiveMath

By Murray Bourne, 20 Nov 2006

Update [May 2014]

I used to use LiveMath extensively on IntMath, but the product was not kept up to date, and there was no support, so I dropped it entirely.

A shame, because it was quite a good product in its time.

The Interactive Mathematics site (used to) use LiveMath throughout so that users can learn by changing variables, animating graphs, solving algebra problems and multiplying matrices, etc.

I generally like(d) the LiveMath plugin, but at times it behave(d) weirdly. It replace(d) English words with Greek characters, like this:

livemath greek

It is an intermittent problem and when it happens, it happens in Firefox, IE and Opera. I find if I check again after a few days, it is okay, suggesting it is session-dependent.

I have asked the LiveMath developers about this and they haven't yet replied...

Have you experienced this?

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