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Changing people’s lives - with math

By Murray Bourne, 09 Aug 2008

The following mail came today from Sephie, a reader on a small island off Europe. She talks about how valuable the Interactive Mathematics site is for her daughter, who learns mathematics via home schooling.

Congratulations on creating a beautiful site with a clarity of instruction rarely found elsewhere. Must say I agree with all the testimonials, and would like to add my own.

I’m on a smallish island off Europe home-educating my daughter. We’re pretty isolated here and have to rely on books and the internet to get her through maths (and this year, further maths AS and A2 exams).

As you’ll know, having knowledge about a subject doesn’t automatically make one a good teacher, so to find someone like you who is both gifted and willing to share what he knows on the net provides help for my daughter in a very tangible way.

As we’re poor as church mice it means a great deal, and we will be relying on your site to help my daughter through the next two years. It’s simply the best we’ve encountered in many years of searching.

She hopes to study maths at university. If she succeeds she will be able to escape the poverty trap she was born into.

So I just wanted to let you know that your generosity in creating such a unique site will actually help to change someone’s life.

I also hope that your considerable talents as a teacher are fully recognised in your present occupation.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write, Sephie.

I wish your daughter all the best in her endeavours. It is very gratifying to know that my efforts may help someone to ‘escape the poverty trap’.

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