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IntMath aims to interest and educate people in the joys of mathematics. It does so by providing clear examples, relating things to the "real world" and providing interactive applets that allow the user to explore mathematical concepts.

IntMath started in 1997, and now attracts over 20,000 unique visitors per day, with over 3/4 million page views per month.

Thanks for all your positive feedback (see "Testimonials" on this page). I'm glad Interactive Mathematics has been useful for you.


I have taught mathematics in Australian secondary schools (grades 7 to 12), TAFE (Technical and Further Education), and at university level (at Griffith University and in Japan) and at a Polytechnic in Singapore. I've also taught lots of other things, including music, English as a second language, computers and more recently, teachers.

I now run my own e-learning and mathematics training consultancy, Bourne2Learn.

Murray Bourne, Singapore, 2023.


Please use the Contact Form below to contact me.

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  • incorporated into the site believing them to be in the public domain (certain photographs and clip art)

If I have inadvertently infringed copyright or used a copyrighted image without permission, please inform me and I will rectify the oversight.

All other material, (including the math manipulatives) except where otherwise credited, is copyright © Murray Bourne, 1997-2023.

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Interactive Mathematics uses various math applets to enhance mathematics lessons.

Topics range from grade 8 algebra to college-level Laplace Transformations.

Polls Archive

Most useful math?

It looks like calculus is the most useful type of math for many of IntMath's readers. It's unfortunate trigonometry is seen as least useful.

A poll during Jun 2014 asked readers:
What type of math is going to be most useful for you in the future?

poll bar 27%

poll bar 22%

Financial math
poll bar 21%

poll bar 12%

poll bar 11%

poll bar 7%

Total votes: 2400

To improve learning, teachers should...

There is some good advice to follow here, especially for math teachers. Obviously, there are not many friendly math classes out there!

A poll during Apr 2014 asked readers:
What's the main thing teachers should do so you learn better?

Create a warm and friendly classroom
poll bar 26%

Be enthusiastic
poll bar 24%

Be flexible
poll bar 21%

Love learning
poll bar 11%

Respect students more
poll bar 11%

Set high expectations
poll bar 8%

Total votes: 2000

How to improve school?

Studies show one of the biggest impacts on student learning is the quality of the teaching. This poll is consistent with that finding.

A poll during Jan 2014 asked readers:
What would have the biggest positive impact on your enjoyment of school?

Better teachers
poll bar 44%

Learn more about real life issues
poll bar 34%

Reduce bullying
poll bar 11%

More technology
poll bar 11%

Total votes: 1200

Feelings about school

It’s sad that school does not always produce positive feelings. At least the majority of respondents said they like it, or are neutral.

A poll during Oct 2013 asked readers:
Generally, how do you feel about school?

I hate it and can’t wait to finish
poll bar 28%

I really love school
poll bar 26%

It’s OK
poll bar 22%

I enjoy it
poll bar 18%

I don’t like it
poll bar 6%

Total votes: 3100

Summer holidays

The most interesting thing about this result is the 17% who regard summer holidays as "too long".

A poll during Sep 2013 asked readers:
I feel summer holidays are:

Not long enough
poll bar 63%

About the right length
poll bar 20%

Too long
poll bar 17%

Total votes: 1800

Math activity mode

It seems worksheets are a very common way to deliver math questions. I encourage math teachers to explore better ways!

A poll during May 2013 asked readers:
In math class, which is the most common delivery method for the math questions you need to do?

poll bar 34%

Text book
poll bar 29%

On the board
poll bar 20%

poll bar 15%

poll bar 2%

Total votes: 1300

Background to math topics

It’s obviously important for the majority of students that they find out where the math comes from and why it was developed. This helps find meaning in what we learn.

A poll during Mar 2013 asked readers:
For me, it’s important to know the background (history) of the math topics I learn.

Very important
poll bar 47%

Not important
poll bar 27%

poll bar 25%

Total votes: 1800

Math homework per week

Over 1/5 of respondents do one hour or less of math homework. For most math courses, this is inadequate.

A poll during Jan 2013 asked readers:
The amount of math homework I do per week during semester is:

More than 6 hours
poll bar 36%

Between 2 and 4 hours
poll bar 16%

Between 1 and 2 hours
poll bar 14%

Between 4 and 6 hours
poll bar 12%

Less than 1 hour
poll bar 12%

poll bar 9%

Total votes: 2900

Gadgets and math

It seems like tablets are not yet widely used for math education. I guess that will change over the next few years.

A poll during Oct 2012 asked readers:
I mostly learn math using:

poll bar 25%

No device
poll bar 24%

Computer (desktop)
poll bar 20%

poll bar 15%

Mobile phone
poll bar 12%

Tablet (iPad etc)
poll bar 4%

Total votes: 3900

Music while doing math?

This poll result weakens the stereotype that students love a lot of noise when doing homework.

A poll during Jul 2012 asked readers:
When studying math, I like to listen to:

No music
poll bar 39%

Easy listening
poll bar 19%

Classical music
poll bar 18%

Loud music
poll bar 14%

poll bar 10%

Total votes: 1800

Math software

I asked the same question in Nov 2007 and the result was almost identical. We should be teaching math students how to use math software! We also should be changing what math we teach.

A poll during Jun 2012 asked readers:
Do you use math software (like Geogebra, Matlab, Scientific Notebook, Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha)?

I have never used math software
poll bar 56%

My teacher and I both use it
poll bar 22%

I do but my teacher does not
poll bar 14%

My teacher does but I don’t
poll bar 9%

Total votes: 2000

Is Math Useful?

It was gratifying to see more than half of those responding felt math is "very useful" for their future job.

A poll during Apr 2012 asked readers:
The math you are studying now - how useful is it for your future job?

Very useful
poll bar 55%

Not useful
poll bar 19%

Somewhat useful
poll bar 14%

Don’t know yet
poll bar 13%

Total votes: 3400

Feelings about Math

It’s sad that 1/4 of the respondents answered with a negative view about math. Hopefully IntMath has helped them to like it some more!

A poll during Feb 2012 asked readers:
The best way to describe how I feel about math is:

I enjoy math
poll bar 41%

It’s OK but I find it hard
poll bar 30%

I hate math
poll bar 24%

No strong opinion
poll bar 4%

Total votes: 3600

Study math in a group?

The recent IntMath Poll asked readers if they usually study for math tests alone or with friends. In Asia it is very common to see students in groups frantically helping each other as tests draw near. But overall, most of you prefer to study alone.

A poll during Jan 2012 asked readers:
I mostly study for math tests:

poll bar 82%

With a group of friends
poll bar 9%

With one friend
poll bar 9%

Total votes: 2600

Calculators in math class

The "no calculator" choice could be for 3 reasons - either most students don’t have a calculator, or maybe the math teacher doesn’t approve of calculators, or finally, students use computers instead.

A poll during Dec 2011 asked readers:
Which calculator do you use during math lessons?

TI-83, 84 or 89
poll bar 39%

Casio FX
poll bar 35%

No calculator
poll bar 11%

Other calculator
poll bar 9%

poll bar 6%

Total votes: 4000

Favorite Math Activities

This poll asked readers about their favorite math activities. It is surprising (to me) how many chose "algebra". Really?

A poll during Oct 2011 asked readers:
What is your favorite math activity?

Doing algebra
poll bar 38%

None of these
poll bar 25%

poll bar 16%

Doing geometry
poll bar 11%

Drawing graphs
poll bar 10%

Total votes: 2700

Friends on Facebook?

This is a relevant question after some US states introduced a new law that prevented teachers communicating with their students through Facebook (or similar), with one Missouri judge blocking the law in August 2011. It’s interesting that less than half of those who responded have a "Friend" status with their teachers, and 21% don’t even use Facebook.

A poll during Sep 2011 asked readers:
Do you "friend" your teachers on Facebook?

poll bar 37%

One or two
poll bar 26%

NA - I don’t use Facebook
poll bar 21%

Several teachers
poll bar 17%

Total votes: 1600

Classroom Computers

The answer "none" is surprisingly high.

A poll during Aug 2011 asked readers:
How many computers are used in your math classroom?

poll bar 62%

Most students use one.
poll bar 20%

poll bar 12%

poll bar 6%

Total votes: 2300

Favorite subject in school

It’s probably not surprising that "math" is the most popular subject for visitors to a math site! "Geography" took quite a hit - I wonder if that’s because it is not offered in many schools?

A poll during Jun 2011 asked readers:
Which subject do you like most?

poll bar 45%

poll bar 20%

poll bar 12%

poll bar 10%

poll bar 10%

poll bar 4%

Total votes: 2400

What stresses you?

This poll was conducted as students were doing exams before the summer break, so it’s not surprising "exams" was the most stressful activity. Take heart, teachers - you are not the Number One stressor!

A poll during Jun 2011 asked readers:
Which of these stresses you the most?

Doing exams
poll bar 41%

poll bar 24%

poll bar 18%

Being bullied
poll bar 9%

poll bar 7%

Total votes: 3600

Summer activities

While playing games was popular with most readers, studying and exercising also rated well.

A poll during Jun 2010 asked readers:
What are you looking forward to most this summer?

Playing games
poll bar 26%

Reading, studying
poll bar 25%

Exercising, sports
poll bar 22%

Watching movies
poll bar 14%

Summer school
poll bar 13%

Total votes: 1400

What’s the best time to study Math?

This result is not a big surprise. We all know it is difficult to concentrate after lunch - especially if it’s math!

A poll during May 2010 asked readers:
What time of the day do you find most effective for math study?

Morning (6AM to noon)
poll bar 36%

Evening (6PM to 10PM)
poll bar 24%

Night (10PM to 1AM)
poll bar 21%

Afternoon (noon to 6PM)
poll bar 19%

Total votes: 2000

Why are you here?

The poll in Apr-May 2010 revealed the following about why visitors come to Interactive Mathematics. Of course, there will be overlapping answers (we may need to "do research" in the process of "doing homework questions").

A poll during May 2010 asked readers:
Why did you visit IntMath today?

Studying for an exam
poll bar 41%

Doing homework questions
poll bar 27%

General interest
poll bar 17%

Doing research
poll bar 15%

Total votes: 2200

Who are you?

It’s interesting that 16% of visitors are there not because they have to be, but because they are interested in math for its own sake.

A poll during Apr 2010 asked readers:
I visited this site because...

I’m a math student.
poll bar 74%

I’m a math instructor.
poll bar 11%

I’m just looking.
poll bar 9%

I’m retired and I want to keep learning.
poll bar 6%

Total votes: 2800

Math Applications

Apparently 70% of math students rarely find out why they study mathematics. We need to convince them it’s worth studying, by telling them why!

A poll during Mar 2010 asked readers:
I get a good understanding of how math is applied to real world problems:

In most lessons
poll bar 31%

In some lessons
poll bar 29%

poll bar 24%

poll bar 17%

Total votes: 2200


There a many free graphing programs available, yet this poll shows most students still use paper to draw their graphs.

A poll during Feb 2010 asked readers:
Most of the time I draw graphs on:

poll bar 66%

Graphics calculator
poll bar 19%

Computer software
poll bar 15%

Total votes: 1900


It's good the majority of readers like history (or find it “OK”). If you have an understanding of the story behind the math you are studying, it helps you to understand it (and apply it).

A poll during Nov 2009 asked readers:
My feelings about learning history are:

It's OK
poll bar 46%

It's my favorite subject
poll bar 26%

I hate it
poll bar 23%

I've never studied it
poll bar 5%

Total votes: 2300

Weekend math study

This poll was a bit of a surprise. The traffic to IntMath drops off considerably on the weekends, so it is interesting that the highest proportion was "4 or more hours" while "None" was next.

A poll during Oct 2009 asked readers:
During weekends, how many hours do you spend doing math homework (or study)?

4 or more hours
poll bar 32%

poll bar 22%

1 hour
poll bar 20%

2 hours
poll bar 17%

3 hours
poll bar 10%

Total votes: 2100

Using phones in math class

Most of us have trouble with attention deficit. Mobile phones can be a big distraction.

A poll during Oct 2009 asked readers:
How often do you use your mobile phone during math class (SMS or voice)?

poll bar 62%

Two or 3 times per lesson
poll bar 20%

About once per lesson
poll bar 10%

About once per week
poll bar 9%

Total votes: 1800

Summer Reading

Good reading skills are vital for effective learning - including learning math. Any kind of reading helps. For the 22% of you who didn’t read at all, it’s never too late to start!

A poll during Aug 2009 asked readers:
This summer, I expect to read about:

One book per month
poll bar 32%

One book per week
poll bar 32%

No books
poll bar 22%

One book per day
poll bar 14%

Total votes: 1300

Helpful Math Teachers

Math teachers, take note! Students need a lot of examples to help them understand math. I was a bit surprised that diagrams and rapport were rated so low.

A poll during Jun 2009 asked readers:
It’s best for me if my math teacher uses:

Plenty of examples
poll bar 53%

Good explanations of theory
poll bar 30%

Plenty of diagrams
poll bar 9%

Good rapport with the class
poll bar 8%

Total votes: 1500


It is well known that a good sense of number helps when trying to do algebra. Still, 22% of users say they use their calculator for everything.

A poll during May 2009 asked readers:
Which best describes you?

I use my calculator but not for everything
poll bar 57%

I must use calculator - I cannot do anything in my head
poll bar 22%

I rarely use calculator
poll bar 21%

Total votes: 1800


Most (normal) people regard spiders, heights and crowded places as their top fears. But readers of Interactive Mathematics regard "math tests" as their biggest concern.

A poll during Apr 2009 asked readers:
Which of these do you fear most?

Math tests
poll bar 36%

poll bar 27%

poll bar 24%

Crowded places
poll bar 13%

Total votes: 1300

Math Exam Preparation

The number of students who study till very late and those who go to be early was very similar. A surprisingly high number don't do any study the night before and very few like to get up with the birds.

A poll during Mar 2009 asked readers:
What do you do on the night before a math exam?

Study till very late
poll bar 33%

Study then go to bed early
poll bar 32%

Don't do any study
poll bar 22%

Go to bed and get up early to study
poll bar 13%

Total votes: 1500

Math Formula Sheets

I asked this question because in a previous poll many students said that math is difficult because they find learning math formulas a chore.

A poll during Feb 2009 asked readers:
Are you allowed to use formula sheets in exams?

Some exams only
poll bar 36%

poll bar 32%

poll bar 31%

Total votes: 1500

Why is math hard?

Remembering formulas and understanding formulas were chosen as the main reasons.

A poll during Jan 2009 asked readers:
What aspect of math do you find the most difficult?

Remembering the formulas
poll bar 31%

Understanding the formulas
poll bar 30%

Understanding word problems
poll bar 24%

Drawing graphs
poll bar 9%

Notation (signs and Greek symbols)
poll bar 7%

Total votes: 1700

Why do you have Math Anxiety?

The clear winner was that respondents felt "math is too hard".

A poll during Dec 2008 asked readers:
Where does your math anxiety come from?

Math is too hard
poll bar 37%

I don't believe in myself
poll bar 24%

Math teachers
poll bar 22%

Math is not relevant
poll bar 11%

Other people don't believe I can do math
poll bar 7%

Total votes: 1800

Doing Math Problems on the Board

The results show that 61% of readers feel some stress when asked to do this.

A poll during Nov 2008 asked readers:
How do you feel when your math teacher asks you to go to the board to solve a problem in front of the whole class?

It's OK
poll bar 39%

I hate it
poll bar 32%

I'm uncomfortable
poll bar 29%

Total votes: 2000

How is Your Math Anxiety?

The results show that 80% of readers feel some math anxiety, either moderate or high.

A poll during Oct 2008 asked readers:
How do you feel about math right now?

High math anxiety
poll bar 52%

Moderate math anxiety
poll bar 28%

No math anxiety
poll bar 20%

Total votes: 2200

Inflation Effects?

This result shows what happens when the economy is based on un-sustainable practices.

A poll during Sep 2008 asked readers:
The following costs have risen a lot in the past year. Which one affects you the most?

poll bar 53%

poll bar 28%

poll bar 8%

poll bar 7%

Mobile phone
poll bar 4%

Total votes: 1000

Summer study?

It's probably not surprising that visitors to the site are actually doing summer school right now, and so that number was high.

A poll during Aug 2008 asked readers:
Do you intend to do any school-based study during the summer break?

I'm going to summer school
poll bar 43%

Maybe 1 week
poll bar 20%

poll bar 20%

Maybe 1 hour
poll bar 11%

Maybe 1 day
poll bar 7%

Total votes: 500


Andreas, Germany: Murray, a very good Website! I've rarely seen such good explanations and it helps me really teaching my pupils. Additionally I am handing out the link to your page to them (mostly refugees with a broken learning career). Kind regards Andreas [12 Mar 2020]

Valerie L., CA, United States of America: I am a 60 y/o RN trying to finish my BSN, and due to the horrible math programs I grew up with in CA have been on quite a journey to remediate from the beginning! A journey it has been with now 4 unit classes in this state and horrible programs. Currently I am enrolled in an online course through Westcott. I am making progress and will break through this barrier because of people like you that understand the problem and are good at teaching. Thank you for your service! You ARE making a difference. 😎 [18 Nov 2019]

Marisol Schowengerdt: You do great service. IntMath is a helpful tool and the format is very straight forward. I wish we had tools like this when I was in school. [26 Jul 2019]

Francis Luvayo Asichi, Kenya: I find IntMath very resourceful. Your explanations are simple, clear and factual. They address most of the challenges learners face in understanding mathematics. [20 Jul 2019]

Ali Ahmed, Rawalpindi, Pakistan: Not only the concepts being interactive make them easier to understand through visualization, but how the concepts are explained through words and questions(and solutions) also make learning very effective, efficient and interesting. [01 Jul 2019]

Lucy, United States: Awesome! Thank you for sharing and explaining this well. It has helped prepare for my final. [20 Feb 2019]

Rohith, Bangalore, India: It's helpful and very clearly understandable if a maths lesson is not understood we can easily read and understand what is about and we can see experimental problems and they have explained very cleanly every step how the answer came I like it and I love it thanks for helping me [03 Dec 2018]

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April, United States: Thank you very much for creating this website. I use it every semester to teach a college course that involves an introduction to statistics. The interactive probability graphs make the concepts accessible to my students. [27 Mar 2018]

Sunil Kumar, New Delhi, India: I had a lot of problems with calculus (both differential and integral) because I found it hard to remember the formulas. Now, after going through "intmath", I am able to derive them by own. Even 'probability' has been explained in a lucid way. I owe so much to you guys. I recommend my friends too to learn from here. I just wish to contribute(money/ideas) to this site sooner or later when my situation permits. Thanks to all the people behind Interactive Mathematics. [19 Jan 2018]

Mahadeva Prasad Rajanna, Kolkata, India: I have started reading this interactive mathematics recently and i find it very useful in terms of explaining technique is very effective for understanding. Keep doing this good work which will help many students and professionals to understand the real time applications. Thanking you [28 Dec 2017]

JL, Albuquerque, NM, United States: These explanations are helping me with my master's finance program - thank you! [28 Dec 2017]

Aakash, India: Its a amazing website and each section are in very detailed. I passed my college exam just because of this website. I dont know who you are and why you make this contain but I really thankful to you.Please do your work as best as your effort. God always blessed you and to your team also. [29 Oct 2017]

Tom Thomsen, United States: You help me keep my brain from turning to mush as I age! [29 Oct 2017]

Andrew Kidd, United Kingdom: Your website is great! I have recommended it to my students, especially the section on complex numbers. I also use the polar/rectangular converter when I don't have a calculator handy. [26 Oct 2017]

Stefani, Switzerland: I just want to thank you for the brilliant Section on Differentiation. I am doing a Microeconomics course at university, and I found myself lacking knowledge of calculus and derivatives. Your website helped me a lot by explaining comprehensively and in steps everything from limits to partial derivatives, including graphs, videos and detailed explanations. I am now able to understand the material and apply calculus to economic situation. I will recommend IntMath to my friends! [08 Oct 2017]

Stephan, Pretoria, South Africa: You have a wonderful web site which has drawn me like a magnet to it. For the first time the application of the Binomial, Taylor and Mclaurin series make sense to me. For the first time I can appreciate this and am looking for places in my work where I can apply it. [16 Sep 2017]

Philip Terngu, Lago, Nigeria: I really understand the way you explain mathematics. [12 Sep 2017]

John Walden, United Kingdom: Really impressed! I lost my original hand-written topic teaching notes when house was being renovated years ago and have been looking for months for comprehensive, concise publications to annotate before going back to teach A-level again. I found this site straight away when I googled 'Differentiation from first principles' and ended up spending all Sunday reading all the calculus material then printing off half a ream of notes and comb binding them into topics. Thank you very much and well done. [23 Aug 2017]

Shriraj, Mumbai, India: i hated math in college and failed repeatedly in exams, now almost 20 years after college i came across your site to while searching for math resource to help my son learn and practice math. intmath is excellent its helping me and my son to learn math from basics. Great job Mr Murray kudos. [19 Aug 2017]

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Liz, United States: What a gem your site is. I'm studying for a math exam with hopes of tutoring and teaching. Though I minored in Math in college, it was many years ago and I am extremely rusty. Your clear derivations of formulas are particularly helpful - I only remember formulas if I understand them. I'm working on Trigonometry and am so grateful for your practical applications, many examples and clarity! Many of the test prep books are riddled with errors, but now I can just check quickly to confirm the correct formula/answer. When I pass the exam and begin to earn money (am an artist too) I plan to donate! Terrific!​ [13 Aug 2016]

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I’m struggling with the class right now, and I need to relearn how to solve over complex numbers and basically go over factoring... but this website is amazing! With a test approaching soon and the semester final in less than a week, this is my saving grace. I’ll just pay moderate attention in class and just come here for my daily dose of math!

Thanks again, and I hope you continue to help others like me!

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[See more reviews of Interactive Mathematics by MERLOT, which stands for the Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching.]

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