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IntMath Newsletter: Unit circle, gmail, graphs

By Murray Bourne, 06 Oct 2010

6 Oct 2010

In this Newsletter:

1. Math tip: unit circles
2. Why do people use gmail most on Saturdays?
3. Math tip: Implicit functions (I heart math)
4. Resource: Free math graph software
5. Friday math movie: Mandelbox Trip
6. Final thought - enthusiasm

1. Unit Circle: an Introduction

unit circle thumb

The unit circle ties together 3 great strands in mathematics: Euclidean geometry, coordinate geometry and trigonometry.

Read more:

Unit Circle: an Introduction

2. Saturday is gmail day, Monday is not


Why do people access Google maps least on a Sunday? And why is gmail traffic so periodic?

Read more:

Saturday is gmail day, Monday is not

3. I heart math

I heart math

We learn about implicit functions in 2-D and 3-D and how they give us familiar shapes.

Read more:

I heart math

4. Free math graphing software


Here are 2 more free math graphing utilities.

Free math graphing software

5. Friday math movie: Mandelbox trip


Here's an interesting trip through a 3-D mathematical art space, based on fractals.

Read more:

Friday math movie: Mandelbox trip

6. Final thought – Enthusiasm

Many people struggle with math. Entrepreneur Walter Chrysler, founder of the Chrysler auto company, famously said:

The real secret of success is enthusiasm.


Until next time, enjoy whatever you learn.

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