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IntMath Newsletter: Unit circle, gmail, graphs

By Murray Bourne, 06 Oct 2010

6 Oct 2010

In this Newsletter:

1. Math tip: unit circles
2. Why do people use gmail most on Saturdays?
3. Math tip: Implicit functions (I heart math)
4. Resource: Free math graph software
5. Friday math movie: Mandelbox Trip
6. Final thought - enthusiasm

1. Unit Circle: an Introduction

unit circle thumb

The unit circle ties together 3 great strands in mathematics: Euclidean geometry, coordinate geometry and trigonometry.

Read more:

Unit Circle: an Introduction

2. Saturday is gmail day, Monday is not


Why do people access Google maps least on a Sunday? And why is gmail traffic so periodic?

Read more:

Saturday is gmail day, Monday is not

3. I heart math

I heart math

We learn about implicit functions in 2-D and 3-D and how they give us familiar shapes.

Read more:

I heart math

4. Free math graphing software


Here are 2 more free math graphing utilities.

Free math graphing software

5. Friday math movie: Mandelbox trip


Here's an interesting trip through a 3-D mathematical art space, based on fractals.

Read more:

Friday math movie: Mandelbox trip

6. Final thought ‚Äď Enthusiasm

Many people struggle with math. Entrepreneur Walter Chrysler, founder of the Chrysler auto company, famously said:

The real secret of success is enthusiasm.


Until next time, enjoy whatever you learn.

See the 6 Comments below.

6 Comments on “IntMath Newsletter: Unit circle, gmail, graphs”

  1. Steve Masone says:

    Have aways enjoyed your material. Thank you.

  2. ahmed says:

    Hello Murray,

    The article on UNIT CIRCLE is spot-on.

    Some text-books go by it; most ignore the simplicity
    of such basic UNITS.

    About that BIBLICAL VISION, I have to report that
    now both the eyes have had their cataracts removed
    and acrylic lenses have been put in.

    The right eye still shows distorted vision.
    Nothing to do with cataract !!!
    It seems that the right eye has developed ARMD
    That is age-related macular deterioration.This is
    not uncommon in the 7th decade of life.
    I am almost 70 yrs. of age.
    This ARMD thing can not be cured. IT MIGHT EVEN GO
    WORSE; and it could hit the other eye too.

    So far this is not effecting my reading, nor the teaching of math to the young ones with perfect vision.
    now and then they point out that it is y" and not y'
    as written/read by me.
    Whe the eyes fail totally, one must do mental maths to
    keep the brain active.
    Do you remember Euler's vision gave up completely and he
    had to dictate his works to his niece.
    Brilliant !!!

    Thank God for the days of youth !!


  3. Murray says:

    @Ahmed: Good to hear from you and that the eye operations were a success. All the best with the ARMD!


    It is more knowledgeble site to learn mathematics.Thank you .Sorry i want asked something you,near abouts 2years ago i found a useful site but now i can not found this site mote.from where i can find site again.Can you say me please.Thank you.

  5. Murray says:

    Hi Dilli. I can't find any record of! Perhaps the name was a bit different?

  6. asad says:

    best way of seeking maths

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Tips, tricks, lessons, and tutoring to help reduce test anxiety and move to the top of the class.