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Friedman & HeyMath - but how do you get in?

By Murray Bourne, 18 Sep 2005

Thomas Friedman was in Singapore recently to deliver a talk (read 'book promotion') on his theory that "The Earth is Flat". The talk was okay, but I found Friedman somewhat condescending in tone. While I agree that technology can help to level the playing field and help poorer nations have a better competitive edge, I felt some of his notions were rather simplistic. I guess it all depends on whether you regard globalisation as a good thing or not.

Anyway, having been here for a short time, Friedman becomes an expert on the Singapore education system. He wrote an article for the New York Times, Still Eating Our Lunch. In it, he waxes lyrical about the high standard of mathematics and science in Singapore and how it is comfortably beating the US in international standard tests. (The article was published today in the Straits Times rebranded as "Singapore's Racing US to the top".)

He also promotes HeyMath in the article. HeyMath is a consortium of British, Singapore and Indian mathematics educators that has apparently put together a good math site. But it seems that Friedman didn't even check out the site. There is nothing to see (except a summary and some Flash promotional animations) and no indication how you get (or buy?) a password to login.

Update: There was a "Contact HeyMath" form so I asked them for more information and how to get in. They sent me an evaluation password. See my HeyMathReview.

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