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Happy anniversary

By Murray Bourne, 03 Nov 2005

SquareCircleZ is one year old.

One of my first rants was about learning - and I remain passionate about the need for reform of institutional education.

Looking back on this blog:

  • The posts that got the most reaction were on √16 - how many answers?, my critical post on Heymath! and my Review on Game of School.
  • The readers have been mainly from USA and Singapore.
  • About 40% of readers use Internet Explorer and about 30% use Firefox. This has some significance and maybe shows that those who use Firefox are more Internet-savvy generally...?
  • Spam is a huge problem. I get comment spam (rubbish comments which are full of links to sites selling on-line gambling or viagra) and also the sites with most links to me are adult sites. Thanks, but no thanks.
  • Self-censorship is frustrating at times - there are many more things I'd like to say in this blog...

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