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Curved spacetime simulation

By Murray Bourne, 30 Jan 2008 has some mind-blowing animations on gravitation as curved spacetime and relativity: movement, time dilation and length compression.

curved space time

There's also a charged ball simulation where you can create balls and observe their behavior under the influence of magnetic fields.

It's worth a look, especially if you are struggling with physics concepts.

See the 3 Comments below.

3 Comments on “Curved spacetime simulation”

  1. curved_spacetime says:

    Here is more General Relativity visualization, based on the same idea as the adamtoons applet:

  2. Murray says:

    @curved_spacetime: Interesting video. Thanks!

  3. judah says:

    Just need to share my thoughts with the world.

    I’m not smart enough to really understand the current equation of time, but I do know that the equation is NOT complete.
    Time and Space are far more complicated then the current equations. While it is commonly written that an object is simply moving through space this is not true. Space is moving in ALL direction form said object. On a simple plain, space is moving away from all mass and at different levels and volumes. Meaning as you travel forward the space behind you is moving away faster then the space in front of you yet in every direction it still recedes. Almost like walking through a still room, the air moves away as you approach though with space it may not be filling in the area you left. Why would it, there was nothing quantifiable there to began with.
    Think of Ο€ Ο€ x ∞ or (X Ο€ Y Ο€ Z Ο€) x (X∞ Y∞ Z∞) Written in simple words: infinitely shrinking numbers, heading at an infinitely decreasing angle, while infinitely incising numbers and infinitely increasing angles, infinitely. Ya I don’t truly understand this but that's what space is. An oxymoron of current understanding.
    While XYZ is basically the pore representation of size of all objects when talking about area, Time is a fourth dimension, however it is merely an idea. Time is better described as the Addition of events that take place around a specific location in space; the Degradation of matter at said location, the Elevation of momentum at that exact recorded event, and the fluctuation of force experienced. Mass, force, momentum, area, hue, all these are affected by the idea of time and there is most definitely more to list. This is why space travel has not reached higher levels like warp or light speed. You would have to calculate for at least a minimum of a 4 dimension within a 4th dimension moving to a 4 dimension within a separate 4th dimension. You the object moving moving through Your space heading to another object moving through Their space. We simply lack the data to calculate this on a grand scale.

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