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Poverty in Cambodia

By Murray Bourne, 12 Jan 2005

  1. A trainee teacher I talked to was about to set out for his probationary teaching period in 'the country' (I saw some very rough schools out of Siem Reap). He will be paid US$25 per month for the 2 years. When he is a fully qualified teacher, he will get $40 per month.
  2. Those working in the tourist industry (like our tuk-tuk driver), earn around $10 per day
  3. Our journey out to Tonle Sap lake was over a very rough road, built high to avoid floods. There were many attap houses on stilts built out from the road (they would eat dust all day, every day). Very simple life styles, but interesting that in many of the houses as we returned after dark, there were colour televisions in there...
  4. Kids begging for $1 at a time probably earn a lot more than teachers.

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