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IntMath Newsletter: Interactive 3D graph, Polymath

In this Newsletter:

1. New 3D interactive graph
2. Over 70 interactives
3. Roller door problem and Polymath software
4. Math in the news
5. Math puzzles
6. Math movie: Math symbols in ancient rock art?
7. Final thought: Mathematical habits of mind

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Geometric shapes in ancient rock art paintings

rock art
Ancient rock art may give clues to the origin of written symbols, including early math notation.

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New 3D interactive graph

3D interactive graph applet - background
I recently added a 3D interactive graph which you can use to explore the x-, y- and z-axis system.

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Roller Door Problem and Polymath Software

polymath roller door problem
Here's a numerical solution to an earlier problem we discussed involving a roller door.

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