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Death, taxes, birth, marriage and blogging

By Murray Bourne, 18 Oct 2007

Benjamin Franklin famously said:

... Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

Well it seems that bloggers are more certain about death than any of taxes, births or marriage.

According to this chart from Nielsen BuzzMetric's BlogPulse [no longer available], bloggers are about 4.5 times as likely to write about death as they are to write about taxes, births or marriage:

death taxes marriage birth

We tend to talk about, and write about, our greatest fears.

What we don't learn from this chart is whether the bloggers are writing about their own deaths or someone else's. But we certainly seem to have difficulty accepting the inevitability of death. Or is it a problem with not knowing how we'll die?

Footnote: I'm intrigued about the spikes in marriage in June (fair enough - early summer in the Northern hemisphere) and death in July (not as easy to explain).

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