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I’m blogging this

By Murray Bourne, 21 Sep 2005


I was involved (as MC) in an interesting blogging seminar this morning.

Four well-known Singapore bloggers (Xia Xue, Popagandhi,, mr brown) answered my not-so-tricky questions about

  • free speech in Singapore,
  • how to avoid being arrested for sedition,
  • how blogging improves your writing,
  • how they get 5000+ hits per day

and that kind of thing.

One problem about being a famous blogger (they said - I wouldn't know) was that when they meet up with friends, the friends ask "Are you blogging this?" or "Will this picture appear in your blog?" or "If you break up with me, will you blog about it?".

This T-shirt from O'Reilley store may be just the thing to alert friends of your intentions...

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