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Friday math movie: Symphony of Science

By Murray Bourne, 14 Oct 2011

The full name of today's video is: "Symphony of Science - The Poetry of Reality (An Anthem for Science)".

I'm still trying to get a handle on how big the "anti-science religion" is. Richard Dawkins is worried enough to make a whole TV series about how religion, mysticism and superstition are beginning to take over the debate.

It's clear from the climate change fiasco that there are powerful forces operating against scientific endeavor. But then again, it was like that in the Dark Ages, too.

Does this video change your world view? It's certainly pressing some buttons - over 1.7 million people have viewed it at the time of writing.

(One could argue the Symphony of Science project is approaching a religion, but that's another matter...)

You can see more Symphony of Science videos in melodysheep's YouTube channel. Don't miss Children of Africa, by Alice Roberts and others.

See the 2 Comments below.

2 Comments on “Friday math movie: Symphony of Science”

  1. Ashwin says:

    Erm... do you mean Stephen Dawkins, Richard Dawkins or Stephen Hawking?

  2. Murray says:

    @Ashwin: Thanks for pointing it out! I have amended the post.

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