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Friday math movie - Smarter Math: Equations for a smarter planet

By Murray Bourne, 30 Jul 2010

This is an IBM commercial. I'm not sure about "math can do anything", but it's encouraging to see a positive message about math for a change.

[Unfortunately, this video no longer exists.]

According to IBM's "Smarter Planet", the 3 ways they want to contribute to a smarter planet are:

  1. Instrument the world's systems
  2. Interconnect them
  3. Make them intelligent

The following video explains how math can make our planet more intelligent. (I was worried he was going to push Internet fridges, but I was spared.)

One has to wonder - is urbanization such a great idea...?

See the 4 Comments below.

4 Comments on “Friday math movie - Smarter Math: Equations for a smarter planet”

  1. Munzir says:

    This is ideal in many ways and this idea is not new in the computer world, the source of the idea is ubiquitous computing. Although it has many benefits that could be enjoyed by human beings, it does spark a question; is it all beds and roses?

    Can this ideal world really be created??

  2. Maria Droujkova says:

    This is so timely! I added "The Internet of Things" to this week's "Learning and Assessment" class topic on data visualization: Thank you!

    The focus of these videos are on efficiency, but the same ideas can be used to support other "wisdoms" (the top layer of the pyramid there): humanism, balance, care. For example, I read of a depressed person's smartphone broadcasting his self-evaluated (with reminders) moods to the network, and raising flags for friends when the mood has been consistently low for a while, or dipped suddenly.

  3. Murray says:

    Well, Munzir, some of us have to be idealistic or the world will never improve!

    Maria: Not sure if you have come across Runkeeper:

    The above example is the data of a friend of mine who uses his iPhone as a data gathering tool.

  4. Maria Droujkova says:

    I have looked at a bunch of tools like RunKeeper after reading "The Data-Driven Life" It makes me want to use a mobile computing device, which I somehow have not been motivated to do, yet, if you can believe it.

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