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Friday math movie - Pump up your brain

By Murray Bourne, 18 Dec 2009

Need help with your math? This may change the way you look at your body and your ability to learn.

Humans until quite recently walked great distances each day in search for food and to avoid being eaten themselves. We learned to learn in an environment where we were physically much fitter than today.

This video outlines the connection between keeping fit and the positive effects it has on learning. Note the suggestion to do something active before taking a tough class, and how balancing helps them to learn vocabulary. The "brain breaks" during math class are a great idea, too.

Researchers are finding that exercise can not only keep you fit, but make you smarter. A school in Illinois has developed a program that gets students moving.

I found this video via Dave Sladkey's Teaching High School Math blog. Dave is a math teacher at Naperville Central High School where they filmed this video.

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