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Friday math movie: Murderous math tricks

By Murray Bourne, 06 Aug 2010

Here are a few things to think about from a whacky English guy, Kjartan Poskitt.

He starts by folding a hexagon, which has a surprise twist at the end. He then proceeds to do some paper based number and geometry tricks, involving area.

Should math class be more like this? I don't mean circus-like, but if things are mysterious and intriguing, then they are immediately more motivating than the "one correct answer" type problems that students normally struggle with.

See the 2 Comments below.

2 Comments on “Friday math movie: Murderous math tricks”

  1. Jon Ingram says:

    Almost, but not quite his real name!

    Kjartan Poskitt

  2. Murray says:

    Thanks for alerting me, Jon! Actually, it was a challenge to find his name in the first place (from his YouTube profile, at least).

    I've amended the post.

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