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Friday math movie - Erik Demaine: Computational Origami

By Murray Bourne, 26 Jun 2009

This week's movie is a talk by MIT professor Erik Demaine. Here's what SeedMagazine says:

As a glassblower, Tetris master, magician, and mathematician, the MIT professor has spent his life exploring the mysterious and fascinating relationships between art and geometry. Here, he discusses the potential of lasers, leopard spots, and computer science to breathe new life into everything from architecture to origami.

Demaine has a "hard time distinguishing art from mathematics". His approach to art has a strong emphasis on collaboration, which as he says, is a rare thing in art.

Demaine is a professor in computer science and mathematics. He realized that "mathematics (itself) is an art form". During the talk, he mentions Escher's study of mathematics.

[Thanks to Maria at Natural Math for the movie link.]

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