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GrafEq math graphing software

By Murray Bourne, 24 Jan 2006

GrafEq is interesting software. It is very robust when graphing relations. (A relation has more than one value of y for each value of x, eg a circle. A function, on the other hand, has only one y-value for each value of x, eg a parabola.) GrafEq is also good with functions!

GrafEq (pronounced "graphic") is worth a look as a mathematics teaching and learning tool.

I liked most of what I saw in GrafEq, including its interface. Things I thought needed work:

  • It seems that you get one fixed size graph (about 500px x 500 px) and cannot resize it.
  • While you can zoom in on a graph, the scale is hard to read since you only get a number at each end of the axis (counting each tick mark was rather tedious).

Download a trial version at:

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