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By Murray Bourne, 17 Jan 2006

An interesting interview with Robert Kvavik (in PILOTed newsletter - no longer available) discusses the recent Educause survey on technology use in education.

What was surprising to the researchers was how students were unimpressed with the use of technology and tended to prefer face-to-face contact. Kvavik says:

At this point, technology is not pedagogically transformational. It makes some evolutionary changes in the way students are taught, so the students may be thinking that if there isn’t that much of a learning difference they’d prefer the faculty just do what they do best and what they are most comfortable with, which is to be in front of them.

If the e-learning is rubbish, of course students would rather face-to-face.

To use [technology tools] for analysis, organization, collaboration, and presentations, that’s something we should build into the curriculum.

Yes, and give students meaningful and authentic tasks to do.

What I’d like to see is for technology to have a direct effect on the learning experience.

Amen to that.

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