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On ya, Arnie

By Murray Bourne, 27 Sep 2005

How should we improve teachers who are, errr, not very good at what they do...?

I don't think Arnie has the right approach:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's campaign posted a form on its Web site asking Californians for stories about inferior teachers to support the ballot initiative to lengthen teachers' probationary period. (from "Schwarzenegger seeks 'bad teacher' stories" - - link no longer exists)

Teaching is a tough and stressful job - this kind of harassment certainly does not help. It is interesting that today's local Singapore paper had an article about school students who were in trouble for posting negative comments about teachers on their blogs.

Surely a more positive outcome would have been achieved if...

  • Stories of good teachers are posted
  • Salaries of teachers are dependent on good teaching (and not length of service)
  • Teachers are given time to breathe, reflect and improve their teaching
  • Team teaching is allowed and encouraged, so that mentoring can occur

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