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IBM, the e-organisation

By Murray Bourne, 14 Nov 2006

In's story, IBM's chief steps into 'Second Life' for incubator launch (no longer there), there are several interesting developments apart from IBM's CEO having his own avatar in Second Life.

IBM's innovation collaboration InnovationJam involved thousands of people suggesting new business ideas. IBM has funded the best ones, to the tune of $100 million.

It is interesting to consider the implications for those educational institutions that cannot get beyond the 4 walls of their classrooms and boring lectures... Are our students graduating with the necessary e-competencies? Can they participate in such a collaboration? Do they need to?

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One Comment on “IBM, the e-organisation”

  1. alQpr Β» Blog Archive Β» What Is Jamming? says:

    [...] I got to this via a posting by Zac at SquareCircleZ. At IBM, Jamming is apparently a way of stimulating and sharing the creativity of a large group of individuals. [...]

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