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Free math resources

By Murray Bourne, 22 Feb 2011

Here's a list of free math resources.

The first ones are relevant for students and teachers (and parents!), while the ones at the end are more appropriate for teachers.

Curriki (a curriculum wiki)


For: Students and teachers

Curriki is a place where students, parents and teachers can share learning resources.

You can easily search the site for math resources. Why not add some yourself?

FREE (Federal Resources for Educational Excellence)

FREE government education resources

For: Students and teachers

This is from government agencies in the US. Go here for the Math Topics.

Update: FREE no longer exists!



For: Students and teachers

Do a search on "math". You will find topics like:

The rest of the resources are aimed at teachers in particular.



For: Teachers

PBS is one of the best resources in the US.

Here are the Math Classroom Resources

NSDL (National Science Digital Library)


For: Teachers

This set of resources is aimed at addressing state standards in math

Teachers' Domain


For: Teachers

This is a place where teachers can download, share and save resources. Free registration.

Mathematics resources



For: Teachers

This is another online teacher resource.

Math Skills and Topics

This list of resources is based on "Ten great sites with free teacher resources" from e-School News.

See the 5 Comments below.

5 Comments on “Free math resources”

  1. College Math Resources » Blog Archive » SquareCircleZ and IntMath says:

    [...] frequently links to good examples of  free math resources, and also provides up-to-date evaluation of math rendering systems for the web. Reading: [...]

  2. Woxider Dzifa says:

    Am BSc Maths student. I found your site very interesting expecially while under training of becoming a math teacher at Senior High!
    Can I have some hardcopies please

  3. Murray says:

    Hi Woxider. Hard copies are in the plan, but not for a while yet, I'm afraid!

  4. PedagoNet says:

    Thank you.
    I will add these resources to my site.

  5. Interactive Whiteboard Resources says:

    Thanks for the lists of pd ebooks. It's a great help to me in my research.

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