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Classic math mistakes

By Murray Bourne, 21 Dec 2009

Here's a collection of mistakes in math. It's interesting these mistakes are common all over the world. It could be something to do with the crazy inconsistencies in the way math is written. (See my Towards more meaningful math notation.)

This is Mistake #17:

classic math mistake

And this is Mistake #01:

classic math mistake

You can download (free) PDFs of these in color and black and white. There's also an MP3 commentary on each one.

This page gives an overview of all resources available: Classic Mistakes.

Don't miss the Freebies page, which has more posters.

See the 2 Comments below.

2 Comments on “Classic math mistakes”

  1. Mike Theodore says:

    Nice post, thanks.

  2. Math Worksheets Land says:

    There is also a daily blog on this subject at MIT. I frequent it several times a month. You just google it.

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