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Falun Gong

By Murray Bourne, 30 Dec 2004

I am still trying to figure out why the Chinese are so scared of Falun Gong. Here in Singapore we occasionally get leaflets via letter box from the 'organisation' (they point out clearly they are not a religion nor a political group).

The one that arrived yesterday told us of the 'miraculous' healing experiences in Beijing in 1992 due to Falun Gong practices. Then it goes on in great detail about the crackdown, including imprisonment and toture, in China since 1999. The leaflet is in English and Chinese - the Chinese version is not an exact translation - there is more detail on the torture.

Clearly Falun Gong is becoming more and more politicised - has the crackdown backfired?

The organisation is free to do its thing in Singapore - for now.

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