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Corporate media

By Murray Bourne, 30 Nov 2005

Australia has had a long tradition of public broadcasting via ABC radio and television (modelled on the BBC). Australia's ABC has been staunchly independent and has acted in the role of political and corporate watchdog on many issues. And it is such a pleasure watching TV with no advertising.

There was an interesting piece I saw recently by David Suzuki on his show "The Nature of Things" about the corporatisation of US media and how it is so much more difficult to get "intelligent" TV to air compared to 30 years ago.

Does it matter? You bet - our view of the world is slanted by the corporations that own and/or supply ad revenue to the media. How can you run an anti-Rupert Murdoch piece when he owns a significant chunk of the world's media? How can you run an anti GE article when GE owns half the known world?

Recently we got Fox News on cable. It makes me barf - it is so slick, formulaic and narrow. Gross.

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