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America’s “Freedom’?

By Murray Bourne, 20 Mar 2005

Dubya loved to crow about the "freedom" and "peace" that he brought to the "Iraqi people", since the "victory" in Iraq. The USATODAY poll of April 2004 showed that the majority thought of the Americans as occupiers (71%), not liberators (19%) and that the invasion brought more harm (46%) than good (33%). While they are glad to be rid of Saddam (80% have an unfavorable view towards him) their view of Bush is not so hot (55% have an unfavourable view).

Not surprisingly, there were differences in the views of the occupation by the Sunnis (not happy, as they lost most), Shiites (somewhere in the middle) and Kurds (overwhelmingly happy). Source: - Apr 2004 Poll: Iraqis out of patience

One year on, I am wondering how they feel now as the occupation drags on and the difficulties of withdrawing become greater.

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