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More madness from Bush - escape to Mars

By Murray Bourne, 26 Nov 2006

In Jan 2004, Dubya outlined his plan to send people back to the moon and then on to Mars. There (was) some interesting analysis of this on (but it's no longer available).

I've been a space junky all my life, having lived through the science boom of the 60s and been excited by the first moon walk.

But when I consider the destruction that has occurred on this planet, and the host of problems that we are currently facing, I have trouble getting excited about these Mars plans.

What about a grand plan to reduce poverty in Africa? What about spending on water maintenance and purification? What about spending on education? If we were to look after the Earth better, there would be no need to go looking for escape routes on other planets. And what will happen when we get to Mars? We'll pollute it, of course.

Yes, the space programme has spinoffs and yes, it is an important part of the human condition to go exploring and push the boundaries. But let's fix the fixable before we go...

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