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By Murray Bourne, 18 Dec 2004

The Mulu Caves in Sarawak are awesome. They are huge - the capacity is measured in 'number of 747s that will fit in'.

The beauty of the surrounding area was better than expected. A strong memory is the millions of bats that circle their way out of the caves at sunset.

I especially liked the genuine friendliness of the people. There is a lovely mix of all sorts of people there, including the indigenous Iban, Chinese, Malays and the Penan. A common comment was the concern about logging reducing the livelihood of the people.

On the last day the river rose 3 m since it had rained heavily all night. I expected to be trapped but eventually we were able to fly out.

It was also great to see Orang Utan in an (almost) wild state in a rehabilitation centre near Kuching. Sad that these wonderful creatures were all rescued from possible sale to animal collectors, but great that they will be released in the jungle sometime.

A recommended destination.

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