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IE7 Beta 3 - Give me a break

By Murray Bourne, 13 Jul 2006

I just wasted a night trying to install that IE7 Beta 3 rubbish on my home PC. I want to tweak my sites so they work okay in this CSS non-compliant browser.

I got:

Internet Explorer 7 could not be installed. You must restart your system to confirm that any changes to your system are undone.

After restarting, follow the "Internet Explorer Troubleshooting" shortcut on your desktop to get more information.

I tried all 4 methods in the troubleshooting guide and none of them worked. Seems that

Something has caused the computer not to trust the Internet Explorer 7 installation package.

You bet - I don't trust it either. After 4 attempts at installation, I give up.

Grrr. I hate IE.

Update: Miracles can happen. While doing something else, I disabled all the startup items that you really don't need (like Real Player and Adobe Reader and Java Runtime Environment's jusched.exe). A few days later, I tried to install IE7 Beta 3 again and this time it worked like a charm. I'm not sure whether the disabled startup items allowed the install, but I couldn't hink of any other changes that I had made.

Let me know if your installation goes okay after disabling unnecessary startup items.

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