Newton’s Method, accuracy and floating point numbers

30 July 2015

Newton's Method computer number problems
YouTube engineers faced a problem as the number of views for Gangnam Style approached 2 billion. I found related issues when developing the Newton's Method graph.

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Newton’s Method interactive graph

30 July 2015

Newton's Method interactive graph
I added a new interactive graph that helps explain how Newton's Method works. Newton's Method uses differentiation to solve non-linear equations and is especially useful when we can't factor the equation. It's very commonly used by computers when solving math-based problems.

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Pedigree collapse

29 June 2015

Family tree
How many ancestors do you have? We all have 2 parents, 4 grandparents and 8 great grandparents. But does this go on forever?

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How to find the length of a spherical spiral

13 May 2015

How do we find the length of a spherical spiral, with equidistant spirals? Here's the solution to this interesting reader's question.

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The Information Paradox

28 April 2015

The Information Paradox
The Information Paradox is an interesting challenge to the accepted notions of how life on Earth came to be. There's some mathematics involved, too!

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Hyperbolic and exponential discounting

8 April 2015

Hyperbolic and exponential discounting graph
There's some interesting mathematics behind hyperbolic discounting, a behavioral finance concept. Here's how it compares to exponential discounting.

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Euler’s Method and Runge-Kutta RK4

9 March 2015

Spring interactive applet using Runge-Kutter RK4
An updated spring applet uses Runge-Kutta Order 4 Method for solving a differential equation numerically.

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GeoGebra math software - a review

19 February 2015

GeoGebra is a versatile math graphing tool
GeoGebra impresses with its versatility, ease of use and power, and now has 3D graphs. It's a great exploratory tool for math students and instructors.

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Friday Math movie: 10 Equations That Changed The World

30 January 2015

10 world-changing equations
Here's a 3-minute summary of 10 mathematical equations that "changed the world".

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Math teacher’s solar vision

10 December 2014

Solar powered steam engine, 1878
There were solar powered engines long before oil-based ones. Here's a story about French mathematics teacher Augustin Mouchot, who invented one.

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