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Applications of Integration

  • Re: Catenary Equation [Pending...]
    Log-lin models where the dependent variable is logarithmic, but the explanatory variables can be either...

Basic Algebra


  • Re: Inequalities graph [Pending...]
    I believe you meant `y>x^2-2` and not `y>2x-2`? If so, Vince's answer would not be correct. It's...

Differential Equations

  • Re: ODE [Pending...]

Basic Algebra

Applications of Integration

  • Re: Shell Method [Solved!]
    What they've done in their example is to find the volume of the cylinder generated...

Plane Analytical Geometry

Methods of Integration

  • Re: Integration by parts [Solved!]
    The second term that needs integrating is `int -1/(2x^2) dx` This is equivalent to `int -1/2 x^(-2) dx...

Trigonometric Functions

  • Re: Coterminal angle [Pending...]
    "Having the same initial and terminal sides" is what we mean when we say something...

Applications of Integration

  • Re: Applications of Integrations #11 [Solved!]
    @Kabookiep: The background can be found here: Differentiation of Sin, Cos, Tan. It's actually this case: `dy/dx=dy/(du)...

Laplace Transformation

Applications of Integration

Plane Analytical Geometry

  • Re: Conic rotation [Solved!]
    EW did not respond to this. I assume he figured it out.

Counting and Probability

  • Re: Poker Odds [Solved!]
    @dmf: I suspect calculating the final probabilities would be quite involved, as the page you...

Complex Numbers


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