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Friday math movie: The $8 billion iPod

By Murray Bourne, 04 May 2012

This video expounds the concept of Copyright Math (TM), which questions the way content markets, and the copyright surrounding them, are heading.

The TED speaker is Rob Reid.

In the video, he discusses statements like the following:

The Motion Picture Association revealed that our economy loses fifty eight billion dollars a year to copyright theft."

Where does the number come from? What are the implications?

He goes on to question why it is that revenues from other piracy-affected media are actually up (where it would be expected that they should be down as well).

The video is a good demonstration of how statistics can be presented without it being crashingly boring.

See the 1 Comment below.

One Comment on “Friday math movie: The $8 billion iPod”

  1. We Love Maths says:

    I really love this video

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