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Best High School Back-to-School Math Supplies

By Kathleen Cantor, 30 Jul 2021

Transitioning into high school is like entering the big leagues. Everything becomes and feels more important. Everyday math lessons are now all about preparing for college discipline and a future career. So shopping for high school back-to-school math supplies becomes a big deal too.

High school students have moved on from the elementary foundations of numeracy, algebra, geometry, etc. In high school, your full-on math programs will usually have a specialized list of math supplies. Most schools will provide a list, but shopping for the actual supplies can be a daunting process. Thankfully, we've got a pretty well-rounded idea of what math supplies your student will need this year.

Tips For High School Prep: Back to School Math Supplies

We've researched a wide variety of supplies that students will most likely need in high school this year, keeping your budget in mind. Our research has helped us narrow down the following supplies for your math lessons—everything from Freshman classes to Senior year. But first, what should you look out for as you shop?

There are key factors to picking out the math supplies you need. Granted, many math supplies are similar, but the real differences lie in these features:

  • Price: While the cost of an item may not be the only determinant of whether you will buy it or not, it does play a crucial role in making a decision. Basic high school math supplies should cost around the same, and you should avoid spending above your budget.
  • Functionality: Some math supplies are multi-functional, saving you the need to buy too many similar items. Look out for such multi-functional items and consider buying them.
  • Quality: Look out for supplies that are durable and can stand the test of being used frequently, dropped, and other mishaps that are bound to happen in class.
  • Ease of use: Don’t buy the most finicky calculator just because it looks different. Opt for supplies that are easy to use and do their job without a lot of hassle.

Now let’s get back to the best back-to-school math supplies for high school math students.

NewPath Learning Math Bulletin Board Chart Set

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High school math is riddled with so many new concepts—it’s mind-boggling. But with this chart set, you can grasp math concepts much quicker. And it can be a lot more fun than staring at the bland pages of your Algebra book. From integers to algebraic equations, the chart clearly explains all your intermediate math concepts.


  • Charts are double-sided with wholesome coverage of high school math concepts on one side and a ‘write-on/wipe-off' surface on the other
  • Laminated sheets and wipeable surfaces make it extra durable
  • Large in size and has an easily legible print
  • Comes in a set of six charts

Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro Engineering/Scientific Calculator

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Of course, a calculator should top your high school math list for back-to-school supplies. High school math includes some intense concepts that will require a calculator ready to handle them. From Geometry to Calculus and Statistics, the TI scientific calendar is a handy piece of equipment to own.


  • Has a multi-view display that allows you to view different calculations on the same screen
  • Can carry out various operations, including decimals, fractions, and PI problems
  • Shows symbols, stacked fractions, and expressions the same way textbooks present them
  • Students can use it from High School through college

Mr. Pen Geometry Set

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Another indispensable item to add to your high school math supplies arsenal is a geometrical set. We settled on the Mr. Pen Geometry set because of its wide variety of items. It includes two types of compasses, a metal divider, protractors, pencil sharpeners, pencils, rulers, and a whole lot more. This set can work for all levels of schooling, from elementary level through to high school.


  • Contains 15 pieces of geometrical equipment
  • Easy to store and carry thanks to a re-usable pouch included in the set
  • Has measurements both in inches and centimeters
  • Its durable design can last through grade school

Mr. Pen Ruler Set 3 Pack

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You're probably wondering why you need to buy additional rulers despite buying a geometry set that has these, right? Well, having a 30cm ruler is essential to drawing longer lines that geometry problems often require. Surprisingly, most geometry sets don’t have one. Additionally, a triangular ruler helps with precision in geometrical drawings. This simple set has some great characteristics:


  • Includes three rulers—a 30cm ruler and two triangular rulers that are 45 and 30 degrees
  • Offers better visibility thanks to their transparent color
  • These rulers have a more widespread application compared to what's found in a regular geometry set
  • One of the triangular rulers has a multi-functional protractor cut-out

Algebra Posters

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High school math is synonymous with challenging new concepts like algebra. But understanding algebraic principles are foundational, so students need as much practice as they can handle to get the hang of this new topic. Nothing beats these algebra posters by Daydream Education when it comes to preparing you for your CCSS exams. They're engaging, designed by teachers who understand what students need.


  • Colorful and fun to look at, with posters in 5 shades.
  • Come in a 33" by 23.5" size, making them easy to see from a distance
  • Cover topics including Algebra, Substitution, Powers, Rearranging Formulae, Straight Line Graphs, Solving Equations, and Generating Terms of Sequence

Thinking Beyond the Teacher's List

Typically, math teachers will send out a supplies list before the start of the school year. But keep in mind that their lists are often tailored to accommodate students with a tighter budget. They make sure students have the essentials. That's it.

Just because a math supply item isn't on their list doesn't mean it won't help your child. In fact, there are a lot of supplies you can pick up to help supplement learning outside the classroom. Jumping into high school math has never been easier if you're prepared with these top back-to-school supplies. Just remember that this doesn't include the math supply basics like erasers, graph paper, or highlighters. Your student can make a smooth transition into high school math if you remember to stick to your budget and buy durable materials that will last all year—and hopefully a lot longer.


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