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Best Graphing Calculators for Business

By Kathleen Cantor, 02 Dec 2021

Mathematics plays a vital part in the business industry. Business ventures are not only around persons in suits. Before engaging in it, it is always a must to prepare the tools that we will need, including calculators. Graphing calculators for business offer the functions that can help you run your enterprise.

Reviewing the Best Graphing Calculators for Business

Here are our picks for the best graphing calculators to choose for your business:

Texas Instruments TI- Nspire CX II CAS Graphing Calculator

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The Texas Instruments TI- Nspire CX II CAS graphing calculator is the best there is. It has TI-Basic Programming Enhancements that will help a business run its operations. With its incredible graphics display, you can have the best experience.

The TI-Nspire CX II CAS has a built-in Computer Algebra System (CAS). It is a system that corrects inputs making it easy to perform calculations.

This calculator comes with a set of rechargeable batteries. On a single charge, the TI- Nspire CX II CAS can last for two weeks. increasing its lifespan for the long run. It comes in with much more accessible and faster performance than any other calculator. Also, it has interactive graphics and visuals which expand its features.

The TI- Nspire CX II CAS offers superior data analysis capability.  Compared to conventional models, it provides loads of useful applications. Its functions involve lists, spreadsheets, and graphical representations. It is its Vernier DataQuest Application that makes all this powerful data analysis possible.

HP Prime Graphing Calculator


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This calculator is a high-end unit that is more catchy and appealing to buyers. It has many educational apps installed in it for a more intuitive result. It presents itself in a brushed metal plate protecting the appearance.

The HP Prime gives an exemplary initiative in the era of calculators. They allow the users to touch the screen smoothly. The touchscreen is much more accessible than the keypad, for you can drop-down menus while using it. You can transfer or move one spreadsheet into the other side with a snap of a finger.

Now, the HP Prime blazes an innovation with the installed multi- touch screen within it. With the limited time that business owners have, this might be the best option.

Casio FX-9750GII Graphing Calculator

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The Casio FX-9750GII graphing calculator provides a better calculation experience when dealing with mind-wrecking problems. With its more advanced intuitive value, it is easy to perform and calculate. It has soft menus that make it easier to do everyday tasks.

This high-value graphing calculator is necessary to give fast and accurate results. It offers powerful mathematical capabilities for complex problems related to running your business.

With its High-Resolution LCD, users can achieve a luxurious experience. Its USB connectivity enables data transmission from one calculator to another. This extra feature enhances its program modification ability.

The Casio FX- 9750GII is also powered by a High-speed CPU with 62KB RAM that can store and calculate a vast set of data.  

Texas Instrument TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator







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The Texas Instrument TI-83 Plus is a solid graphing calculator for beginners. It offers an entry-level interface for basic operations and functions. This graphing calculator also features functionalities for data analysis.

This calculator is the upgraded version of the TI-82. It suits the needs of entrepreneurs with its well-designed functionalities. It includes many features that provide a more detailed overview of quantifying graphs.

The Texas Instrument TI-83 Plus also allows programs and applications modifications. With this calculator, businessmen can input formulas and analyze their data.

TI- 84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator

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Another calculator that belongs to the roster is the TI- 84 Plus CE graphing calculator. It is lighter and thinner than the Ti-84 plus models made before. It has a vibrant backlit color screen which is more captivating to the eyes of the buyers.

The built-in MathPrint allows users to provide inputs that will yield a good result. With this kind of device, you can also plot possible solutions to problems. It also offers complete learning resources.

Apart from these features, you can use this device for a long time. Since it has a rechargeable USB cable, it can help prolong its battery life.

The TI-84 Plus CE is generally the best for students, teachers, engineers, and others. However, it lacks some features like the Computer Algebra System (CAS). This feature can make a lot of difference for business owners.


Texas Instruments is a leading brand for graphing calculators for students and others. The TI- Nspire CX II CAS has exceeded in providing convenience. It has is the best option on the list for business owners. Its powerful data analysis makes it our top choice for the best graphing calculators for business.

HP is also a competitive brand in making graphic calculators. With its touch screen feature, it took the calculator game into a new dimension. The HP Prime Graphing Calculator is in our second spot for the convenience it can bring to business owners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why do you need a graphing calculator for your business?

A graphing calculator performs several functions in dealing with arithmetic operations. These include numbers, banking, accounting, financing, and real estate. Using graphing calculators can ease the burden on business people.

What can a graphing calculator do for my business?

Graphing calculators are devices that can work smart for your business. With proper calculation skills, you can use a graphing calculator to track developments. The data analysis functions save time and help you decide quickly for your business.

Why do graphing calculators cost a lot?

Graphing Calculators are for complex mathematical problems that make it worth its price. Students are its primary target users. However, it can be equally useful for business owners. When properly chosen and used, it can lead your business to success and more profits.


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