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Criteria for a good mathematics site for schools

By Murray Bourne, 05 Sep 2006

I came across an interesting Evaluation Check List for Free Math Web Sites (which no longer exists).

The criterion that caught my eye was:

Advertisements: Are there advertisements on the math web site? Are they age- and content-appropriate? Do the advertisements offer to do students' homework for a fee-(yes, there was a math site which had such an ad)?

I suggested that the author of the page has a look at my Interactive Mathematics and then I said:

I think it passes all of your criteria! Thanks for your time. BTW, I have Google advertising on my site. Right now, on your page, I see ads like "Need help with homework?", "Online math help". The problem is, without checking every ad that appears, we don't know which ones offer paid help for homework.

I do worry about the quality of the companies that advertise on my sites. If you see any that show poor academic integrity, please let me know.

See the 3 Comments below.

3 Comments on “Criteria for a good mathematics site for schools”

  1. clarence sheppard says:

    i am a math student who is interested in learning more. i can do this from your website.

  2. Murray says:

    Great, Clarence. Good luck with your studies.

  3. Ria singh says:

    this website is toatally cool, you should try it i am student that don't like mathematics but i do now!!!!

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Tips, tricks, lessons, and tutoring to help reduce test anxiety and move to the top of the class.